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  1. Thinking of trading it in for a ranger?

    Two totally different machines.. not something I would do but I have zero use for a truck.
  2. Of these 3 mods, which one would you do?

    I would save it and get boosted.
  3. A sad day... RIP GT350

    It is a pretty steep hill...
  4. Race ramps wheel cribs— brand new for sale

    I got $150 and I am local, I can pickup Thursday.. I was gonna pick up some other ramps, but these are more towards what I need... let me know.
  5. Staggered or not

    I have always ran staggered on all my Mustangs.. looks so much better with some fat ass tires on the rear. Nobody can convince me otherwise
  6. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Quick photo while walking to get in the car after running something up to someone’s house.
  7. Suspension issue and how I can fix it

    So today I finally got around to clocking the front rearward and forward control arm bushings (4 nuts total) in my driveway.. before each side of my rim to fender was at 4 3/8” from the points I measured.. I physically seen the bushing turn as I loosened the nuts. Car was under load and after i...
  8. Looking to buy 2016 ford mustang with SALVAGE title need your advice!!!

    Could be a great deal or a nightmare waiting to happen... more info is needed like said above.
  9. dealer drilled holes for front plate

    I live in a front plate state and have not run a front plate since I was 17 and got my first 5.0.. so almost 20 years now of driving and only was given a warning about it one time when I was pulled over for a different reason. I have been pulled over a few times and never was it brought up...
  10. Clean and Tidy Up Black Wheels

    says it is unavailable on amazon right now, only found a big jug on ebay, I have not used it on my Mustang wheels yet, but I use this for white rims on my GSX-R and used it on my WRX black chrome wheels.. it is amazing, I love it. If you can find it, I would try it...
  11. Anyone running 19x10 ET 35mm up front on stock suspension?

    19x10 +35 up front. 275/35 tires, lowered about an inch. Was fine at stock height
  12. Have you and your Mustang influenced others to own one?

    I fell in love with the Mustang when I was a kid after riding in my uncles Foxbody.. same with my two younger cousins. Through out the years I have had 8 different Mustangs, countless compliments through out the years, kids requesting for revs, etc.. I am sure at least one person I have come...
  13. Illinois-Chicago

    Hell yea, thanks, I will give them a call tomorrow. Nice and close to me as well. Thanks
  14. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    19x10 with 275/35 Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 19x11 with 325/30 Hankook Ventus V12 evo2
  15. Latest report: Ford has scrapped Mustang AWD and Hybrid

    I seen that shit online today... I about died when I read that.
  16. Do you think having the car winched out of the mud by a wheel would’ve damaged anything ?

    I don't know but that sounds like asking for trouble.
  17. Illinois-Chicago

    Anyone know someone around the Chicagoland area (I am in Warrenville) who knows and understand the suspension in these cars?.. I need my bushings clocked correctly, the shop I went to did not understand even after I showed them detailed photo.. I am pretty sure this is the reason I have a...
  18. Latest report: Ford has scrapped Mustang AWD and Hybrid

    If it is an EV then it is NOT a muscle car... sorry. Do not care if it is called a Mustang, it will not be a Mustang anymore.
  19. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Hankook VENTUS V12 EVO2 are what I have.