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  1. Own up...

    What's the speed limit on that road? The mustang flew through that junction, if the bike saw the lights where out then the stang driver was either driving too fast to notice the lights were out or was driving carelessly and not notice. The other vehicle was probably looking at the motorbike...
  2. Steeda Driving Experience - "Speed Matters!"

    Jesus I didn't realise how close that one was.
  3. Steeda Driving Experience - "Speed Matters!"

    The most fun I've had with pants on couldn't go for a drink after as I have prior arrangements for the evening. But a great day with loads of great people and awesome cars. I look forward to the next meet hopefully by then my car won't sound as wimpy as it did today #stocklife
  4. Steeda Driving Experience - "Speed Matters!"

    I just ordered the eu sto n sho would you be able to bring it along tomorrow? I put down that I wanted local pickup etc
  5. Steeda Driving Experience - "Speed Matters!"

    Maybe @steedauk could clarify this I've not done a track day before I think it's the same for a few here
  6. Steeda Driving Experience - "Speed Matters!"

    I'm being lazy and I'm a newbie what tyre pressure do I need to pump the tyres up to? Also seriously be careful about parking you're car in and around Harlow/Hertford area I've had my ST and my cousin has had his BMW both keyed during the night parking around there
  7. So how was your Ford experience today?

    Thank mate I thought I was going to have to complain. Glad it's all done now
  8. So how was your Ford experience today?

    PS: sorry for the rant Dropped the car off 1100 Friday the staff were pleasant and after realising that "I was the guy" I signed paperwork and left the keys. They showed me to the fiesta they given me for the day and told me it would be ready in 3 hours, however they would update me regularly...
  9. Steeda Driving Experience - "Speed Matters!"

    Will people that have bought tickets for the day recieve some sort of driving instructions or do we just bring our order numbers along? Also if I buy a sto n sho licence plate holder or can be brought along by someone to the day?
  10. So how was your Ford experience today?

    Haha yea sounds like bad luck sounds funny though. My dealership is fitting a new bumper to my car after they made the mistake of drilling it when I specifically told them not to. They have even stated they will give me a car in the time being and say it will take 3 hours to do ( lets hope...
  11. Steeda Driving Experience - "Speed Matters!"

    I've booked up have a feeling my stock stang is going to get annihilated by all you modders :hail: May have to drag someone along so I can get some vids of me driving
  12. Car handling training

    Quick (probably silly) question am I going to need to get track insurance for the steeda day ?
  13. Dealer asking for an extra £1000

    Pretty sure there is small print to the effect of this however THEY have made the mistake in not putting it on there and you are the one buying a £37000 car. I'm sure they will drop the matter of you threaten to drop out you ain't the one in the wrong in my opinion
  14. MPG challenge (its just a bit of fun)

    To Leicester and back I wasn't really trying and was playing about a bit. I'll give it another go when I'm back off work (Mustang GT) Hmm bloody file didn't attach it was 26.7 mpg over 4 hours
  15. Detailing & paint protection

    Yea black is definitely the most badass colour, after washing and drying I started using blacklight from chemical guys it actually makes the paintwork pop. I combined it with black illuminous glow wax last week and it does keep it looking clean (at least until my 200 mile drive yesturday)
  16. Who is collecting their car on 1 April?

    I like that darker red looks nice. Not long now
  17. The UK S550 "spotted" thread

    Saw a Black Convertible at Dartford crossing gave me a toot and I responded with the Mustang owners thumbs up. This happens almost when ever I see a fellow mustang owner you have to love this community
  18. So how was your Ford experience today?

    Saturday popped into the dealership to sort out my bumper which had been drilled they took the licence plate holder off and stuck the licence plate direct to the bumper it looks much better now. Just wish it had not been drilled originally Still waiting for my Pony keyring though they say...
  19. So how was your Ford experience today?

    Jesus I thank God nobody (Inc mustangs) were hurt but jesus that's a bit of damage there. The poor fuckers insurance will go through the roof.
  20. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Used sport mode today and took the car for a little spin, I actually got better mpg than I do on normal or wet.