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  1. Roush Axle Backs db readings?

    Hi, I’ve just read about (Cambridgeshire) Police stopping bikes and cars for loud exhausts. Does anyone know the db levels from Roush axle backs? I believe that the legal limit for road cars is 74db. Thanks.
  2. MY17 Quad Exhaust Pipe Tips?

    Help please. Odd question, but whilst I am happy with the standard exhaust note from my MY17 GT (odd I know...), but would really like to find an affordable way of making the back of the car "look like" a true v8 with Quad Pipes. I have looked at the FORD web site and on eBay but can't find a...
  3. Latest Sync 3 Map Update

    Updated the maps - downloaded from the FORD website - for my Sync 3 last week. Everything went well and as per the downloaded instructions, until the last stage where it failed to download the confirmation log from the car and the screen said that it had failed to update. So I gave up...