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  1. 2023 Mustang 3% Under Invoice

    What is the invoice price on a mach 1 base please? Ford has msrp listed at $57k.
  2. Active Exhaust Upgrade Kit - Make your GT sound like the Mach 1

    H pipe for a 10th of the cost.
  3. Brake Bleeding

    So you never want to release the pedal with a bleeder open. The person in the driver seat. Should pump the pedal a couple times then press and hold the pedal with significant pressure. Eg. If i have my wife help me i tell her to use both feet. The key is to not release pressure on the pedal...
  4. Brake Bleeding

    Another thing to check is to detach the master from the booster, just pull away a few mm and see if any fluid is back there. If so master is bad. Master could still be bad even if its dry there but its a quick thing to rule out.
  5. Brake Bleeding

    Ignition off.
  6. Brake Bleeding

    yeah try it without the car running. Also, see if you can borrow, rent, buy a pressure bleeder. if you can bleed it with that and dont see any bubbles but the pedal is still soft it's the master.
  7. Has anyone found a way to quiet the whine on the Mt82?

    Sell the manual, get an A10.
  8. Joining the club of the BBQ/Typewriter tick

    Yes, so you have to pull out what you put in. Either drop the plug and let some out, or pull it out of the dipstick tube with a pump. Same would apply to other additives depending on what volume you would consider overfill.
  9. Any Extended wheel studs other than the 3inch?

    I was always told if you can get 5 full rotations of the lug nut before it starts to tighten up you don't need longer studs.
  10. Steeda/FedEx Shipping…can’t be just me?!?!

    fed ex is a dumpster fire. avoid them at all costs.
  11. Joining the club of the BBQ/Typewriter tick

    Follow the instructions 1.2oz per qt of engine oil. 10qts = 12oz.
  12. Joining the club of the BBQ/Typewriter tick

    It worked on mine. On my 2nd dealer oil change now. Got the tick after the first. Added archoil and went to my first trackday. Never heard it again. Tick came back intermittently after my 2nd oil change so i added archoil again and havent heard it since.
  13. Joining the club of the BBQ/Typewriter tick

    Another boron additive option is archoil 9100. Thats what i use, 1.2oz per quart of oil. It does not discolor the oil. First learned about it years ago watching leno's garage.
  14. CAI IAT Modifications

    I have a base 21 gt, bought in march. I drilled out the honeycomb blocking air inlet duct, installed a k&n filter and my iat's while moving are never higher than 2 degrees above outside temp.
  15. What you think of the new Mustang?

    Is it me or is there no videos with the hood open to see the new intake design. Thats what i wanted to see last night and far
  16. Aggravating brake squeal with new powerstop z26's

    Did you use the little packet of silicone brake lube that came with the pads?
  17. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Black is beautiful.
  18. Is there any mechanical explanation for the Gen 3 Coyote BBQ tick?

    Nissan vq40's do the same thing, and they're all aluminum, block & pistons. frontiers, pathfinders, xterras.
  19. Is there any mechanical explanation for the Gen 3 Coyote BBQ tick?

    I've delt with many a lifter tap on older gm v8's and v6's, pushrod motors. You could easily pull the valve cover(s), start the engine, and grab each rocker to feel the play and try to tighten up the lash as a temp fix, then see if it comes back (bad lifter). I dont know if you can run the...