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  1. 2024 Mach 1 replacement

    While I'm getting rid of my Mach 1 to pursue other ventures, if I ever get back into a mustang, I'll prob look at a s550 again. A few mods and a tune and the horsepower difference will be negligible. Also IMHO the Mach 1 will always be cooler than a zero-heritage dark horse mustang.
  2. 🚀 World Premiere: 7th Gen Mustang S650!!

    I agree with everything you said. With what I saw tonight, the DH was the only one that stuck out to me, and it's basically spec'd as a Mach 1.
  3. 🚀 World Premiere: 7th Gen Mustang S650!!

    Good to know. I wasn't really saying it was a bad interior, it just didn't look like it fit a mustang is all. Just for clarification.
  4. 🚀 World Premiere: 7th Gen Mustang S650!!

    Some things I like, others I don't. It reminds me of a Nissan z that met a charger and had a baby. overall it's not terrible but I'm absolutely content with my Mach 1 after comparing pictures of them side by side. The Interior dash is too huge for a sports car. It reminds me of something I'd...
  5. So are ‘22 GT buyers now looking like geniuses…

    Got both my 22 Mach 1's under MSRP with first responder discounts and all I need to do is take out the charcoal filter in the intake and bam, there's my "tEn hOrSePoWeR" back. I'm actually about to sell mine for more than I paid for to buy land.
  6. What did you do to your M1 today

    What spec car did you have? They offered me 43k for my Mach 1 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  7. How long to get the owners pack and track attack paperwork?

    Yup. Just called 800-367-3788.
  8. How long to get the owners pack and track attack paperwork?

    Just talked with Josh at FP. He was able to verify that my kit for N1012 had been shipped- bought on June 11th. He also was able to advise that the kit for N1082 which was bought on July 6th has not been sent yet. He confirmed they had the correct address for me. So hopefully soon!

    Enjoyed the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit before it started raining.
  10. How long to get the owners pack and track attack paperwork?

    Still waiting on mine. N1012 and N1082. Purchased in June and July
  11. Hold ‘Em or Fold Em - GT v Mach 1 v ?

    I actually like my ox white. Safe choice but timeless I think.. The red calipers is a must! My first car had them. I wasn't lucky enough to get the upgraded wheels but I'll be ordering HP wheels here soon anyways.
  12. Hold ‘Em or Fold Em - GT v Mach 1 v ?

    Yeah there was one I looked at in upstate NY, grabber blue which is what I really wanted at the time, listed for 64k. I was willing to pay it so when I reached out to them, the price magically changed to 73k for a non-HP car. I just said no thanks. I noticed a day or two ago the car was still...
  13. Hold ‘Em or Fold Em - GT v Mach 1 v ?

    All you got to do is ask. I bought two Mach 1s below MSRP during the height of stupid pricing. I was upfront and honest, said I wasn't gonna pay a dime over MSRP and didn't budge. It wasn't a needed item for me, so if they told me no, wasn't a big deal.
  14. Hold ‘Em or Fold Em - GT v Mach 1 v ?

    I had a 18 GT premium non performance pack car and went to a 22 Mach 1. Honestly IMHO a HUGE difference in how these vehicles feel. Now I never drove a PP with magneride so the two may be similar. I already don't like the 2024 styling, but I did say that about the 2018 when it first came out...
  15. 7.3 GT350 Revealed (With Video)

    I may or may not have a buddy who does aftermarket design and testing on Ford fleet vehicles (Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier), who has had access to a 6.8L for a while now. His assessment is it's basically a smaller 7.3 with a different intake. I tried to squeeze it out of him if Ford was...
  16. What did you do to your M1 today

    Oh lawdddd she a'comin! Sounds nasty!
  17. Official Eowyn Mach1 Delivery Thread

    Car looks awesome. Makes me wish I would have ordered a EG Mach 1
  18. What did you do to your M1 today

    When I picked my car up from Spartanburg we got a nasty thunderstorm on the way back. But I don't have an HP car so my PS4S handled decently. I see a pattern with us NC owner 🧐
  19. What did you do to your M1 today

    I feel your pain... Western NC has had nothing but rain for 2 months now. I can't keep mine clean to save my life. 😑
  20. Track Attack

    Good to know! Thanks