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  1. Slight hood bulge after battery replacement (from battery cover)

    As others have said, it may have been the aftermarket battery terminals I needed. I haven't really looked too hard into it and have been running with the battery cover in the trunk with no issues. I may buy a stock terminal clamp at a later time and re-try. And I'm sure there have been others...
  2. Slight hood bulge after battery replacement (from battery cover)

    I did use the short posts, yes. However, there was a major problem with getting the negative terminals off the stock battery (as in, it was glued in-stuck) so we had to take the entire damaged terminal off and replace it will an aftermarket one. Then I used the white square cap that came with...
  3. Slight hood bulge after battery replacement (from battery cover)

    Awesome, great to know. Thanks. I'll definitely keep it off then cause that gap is horrible.
  4. Slight hood bulge after battery replacement (from battery cover)

    I replaced my battery a week ago (XS D4700) and while it sits in the battery box just fine, when I try and put the battery cover back on, it doesn't sit flush and creates a bulge when I try and close the hood. Only on the left side where the battery sits of course. When I take the battery cover...
  5. Diode Dynamics LED Side Marker

    I've had them installed since September of last year and they still work fine. Totally recommend them over the factory ones.
  6. 2019 Mustang GT Auto Very Rough Idle/Engine Stall

    I second this. Although my issue still hasn't been completely fixed even as of today, this was the solution that helped me the most. For me, they cycled the solenoids 10 times and that seemed to do very well for me. I still (very rarely) get a slight rough idle every several months or so, but it...
  7. Do you drive in quiet mode?

    Kind of different for me cause I never had factory active exhaust but: I very recently switched to an aftermarket valved system exactly for the reasons you mentioned. I used to have an MBRP Race and it was just loud loud loud (but sounded good) all the time. So, like you said, when applying...
  8. 2019 Mustang GT Auto Very Rough Idle/Engine Stall

    Nice! So is your issue completely solved now? No more rough idling or any more stalls at all? How long has it been since you had these fixes?
  9. Xforce Varex catback system feedback wanted

    Sorry for the bump but I had the same question for anyone with the 18+ version. If anyone has any feedback, it would be appreciated.
  10. Florida WTB 2018+ GT Stock Exhaust (Non Active)

    Hey I'm looking to buy a full catback stock exhaust for the 2018+ cars. Preferably near the Boynton Beach area. Or the Orlando area works as well.
  11. iPhone 12 Max and Mustang GT

    Something like these work fine for putting the phone in when I already have something in the cupholders.
  12. 2019 Mustang GT Auto Very Rough Idle/Engine Stall

    Well, for me, the issue hasn't really popped up in a very long time now. The last 'fix' was the solenoid cycle and I think I've had the issue once or twice since then, but as of this point now, it has been a very long time since I've had any of these issues so I haven't had to worry about it...
  13. 2019 Mustang GT Auto Very Rough Idle/Engine Stall

    Thanks for letting us know the solution to your issue & glad you got it all taken care of!
  14. And now her passenger door is opening while driving.

    I remember my '18 Ecoboost convertible had this issue. Mostly only happened at highway speeds. Sold it before I was able to bring it to a dealer for a fix.
  15. Turn off mykey with only one key

    I only got 1 key when I bought my car used from a dealer but the dash says there are 2 admin keys and that's always bothered/scared me since I have no idea where that key is. I wish there was a way to reset keys on our own, but I'm guessing that's also a dealer type thing. I should go and do...
  16. 2019 Mustang GT Auto Very Rough Idle/Engine Stall

    I saw that a month or two back and meant to post that here, but yes. This video explains this issue very well and shows exactly what's happening and why. Very helpful.
  17. Confirm which exhaust connection adaptor I need to connect 3" catback to stock headers?

    Yup, GregO was right, it was 2.25"OD-3"OD. I'm an idiot and chose 2.25ID-3OD and that was definetely not right and made the install more of a headache than it should've been, but the shop custom made an adaptor for me and we used that. Also 2.25OD-3OD is a bit tougher to find. Most of the...
  18. Throttle body issue?

    When you say exhaust note changes, does your RPM fluctuate at all when idle? Can you see the needle moving at all when you get the exhaust note change/vacuum gauge movement?
  19. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    $34,807 from Vroom. $31,135 from Carvana. Purchased used in May of 2020 with about 32000 miles. Now has ~39000 miles. Still owe about $23000 on the car. Not sure if it's worth it selling and then looking for a new car again. I'll have to think on it.