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  1. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Some nice parts there - would love to see a pic as several are on my possible list! Also, what LED DRLs did you go for?
  2. Wrong oil at service

    Cool, thanks guys :)
  3. Wrong oil at service

    Hi all Quick question - had my MY 17 at a dealership a couple of weeks ago, only just got the invoice emailed to me as it was under the serviceplan and apparently they couldn't just give it to me - whatever. Anyway, looking at the invoice, the oil used is listed as 5w 20, when the owners...
  4. Grrrr (windscreen)

    Ouch, that's never good. As crap as it is needing a new windscreen, I'd prefer a big stone to get the windscreen than the bodywork though!
  5. So how was your Ford experience today?

    Had my 1st service done at 3,600 miles at Trust Ford in Staines. They serviced it, didn't wash it as requested. It was fine, but not much there to mess up :)
  6. Forthcoming Sync 3 update

    Hmm might be worth asking the dealer to do this when mine is in being serviced anyway in the next couple of weeks :)
  7. Main Dealer question

    Thanks folks. I'll be looking to book it in with Farnborough or Staines depending on what I can swing with work :)

    I still don't know whether this is a bulb replace or a new unit - dealer hasn't been able to find *anything* out yet!
  9. Main Dealer question

    Thanks folks - just realised I was rushing my initial post and forgot the rather important fact that I got the service plan :) Will edit
  10. Main Dealer question

    I have no idea how, but it's time for my MY17 to have it's first service, with 3,500 miles on the clock. I got the 5 year warranty and service plan for residuals and resale at some point so need to have a main dealer service, and I have had a look at a load of threads where dealers are discussed...

    Hi all - has anyone had these fitted? Think they are different to the ones that Christian has got, now on the Ford Accessories website
  12. Nice car mate is it a....?

    I'm sure loads of you have had this too, but wanted to share my 2 favourites: - "... a Ferrari?". From a guy working in a petrol station. Can only assume he saw the Mustang on the front and the mental association was the the Ferrari logo. - "... a GTR?". Slightly more confused by this one - OK...
  13. The UK S550 "spotted" thread

    More of a not spotted - Last Monday I drove best part of 200 miles (M40, M25,M23, A23 into Brighton, along the seafront, Hove, A23, M23, M25, M40) and saw the following: Assorted Porsches - too many to count Teslas - gave up counting at 8 Jag F Types (I like them, so notice them) - 5 Ferraris...
  14. The UK S550 "spotted" thread

    Saw a black GT fastback, non custom, driving into Maidenhead from Furze Platt at 4:50. Reg RA66...
  15. The UK S550 "spotted" thread

    I saw this one about 10 mins later by the brewery - was in the 350Z not the Mustang today so didn't get a wave :)
  16. Some mods on my Vert

    Haha! Damn you Manders! :lol: Seriously, looks great Sudaf
  17. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    Karen rocks! She was super helpful to me when mine was going through the process, and I know she was involved in settling some of the crap that happened when the dealership I ordered from went bust last year. Met her at a Ford heritage day earlier this year too and she's a good laugh on top of...
  18. Some mods on my Vert

    Ha! Awesome, thanks Manders. Those look sooo good
  19. Some mods on my Vert

    Love love love those wheels Sudaf - what are they??
  20. The UK S550 "spotted" thread

    And there was me thinking 'man that needs a wash' this morning as the sun caught all the crap on it Always a pleasure to see another magnetic about :headbang: The van driver was definitely a twat - me drive van, me own road...