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  1. Half Shafts and boost

    I’ve done it all since this post including the steeda stop the hop kit. I have the ford performance half shafts by g force. I stand by what I said. If you're just on the street pretty unnecessary. But whatever money well spent If you ever need it. It Is what it is.
  2. How late is too late to order a 2023MY Mustang GT from the dealer?

    Are you sure you definitely don’t want the 650? I’m just saying I love my 550 but the tech will become “outdated” quick and eventually everyone will like the 650 and you yourself might regret that purchase. It’s one thing if you’ve had the 550 for years like myself and whatever the new MY is...
  3. So Long, farewell, thanks for all the fish...

    A bmw z4 m40 isn’t less. Lol.
  4. Has Anyone bought/installed the HGP Louvered rear quarter windows?

    You can’t use heat either so it’s not exactly as usual. Take it to who ever the best tint shop is and have them install prior to window install.
  5. Rain tray for the hood slats on or off for the street?

    I don’t own a GT500. I own a bloated GT.
  6. Rain tray for the hood slats on or off for the street?

    Take the under hood blanket off. The rain tray makes almost no difference. Especially if you’re not running boost. and if you are running boost if it takes too much water great way to cease up the blower.
  7. Are LPX and LPXHD clutches made by MCLeod?

    What McLeod does and what they do for Lethal are clearly two different things. This is off Lethals page. Considering it’s exclusive to Lethal maybe a rep would like to step in. I was also told McLeod doesn’t rate HP anymore. Similar to most half shaft manufacturers.
  8. Are LPX and LPXHD clutches made by MCLeod?

    I notice people keep saying it’s rated for 800hp and 1000hp. It’s not. It’s rated for 800tq and 1000tq. Two very different things. If that’s the case both clutches should be very stout for most boosted setups.
  9. Is the 5.0 designed for boost?

    I don’t know. I have a 2018 with 720 wheel and MT82 no issues. Along with a bunch of other people who have no issues with the same car and boost and many with more power to the wheels than mine. Might wanna own one before you say matter of factly what something can or can’t handle.
  10. Wondering how to remove the mustang dash emblem off interior dash?

    Screws holding the part on that the dash is applied to. 18/19 are different plaques. Harder to remove.
  11. Wondering how to remove the mustang dash emblem off interior dash?

    You have to remove the full dash which is very easy to acces this piece because it is also secured with screws. Which are located under the dash.
  12. Wondering how to remove the mustang dash emblem off interior dash?

    Yes. I popped the dash piece off and popped the emblem from behind through a hole and then installed the dash piece back with it installed. Any one who says it’s easy usually has a 15-17. It’s very easy with that model due to the fact that the emblem leaves a lot of space on the edges and is...
  13. Installing 18 analog cluster & cigarette lighter

    I always think it’s weird to see cigarette lighters now in cars. hood job with the dash.
  14. The whipple wait

    you must 1. Not know what edelbrocks are worth. 2. Not know what kind of power the 2650 is known to make. And 3. Not understand that I included total spent. Labor install too. So yeah. Once again enjoy that whipple and that cracked reservoir.
  15. The whipple wait

    Yeah don’t forget the fact that I also spent $10 grand on an edelbrock 2650. So yeah a lot of joke numbers.
  16. The whipple wait

    A lot of Joke numbers to the rear on that overpriced “stage 2 “ whipple.
  17. Best bang for buck bolt on mods for daily driver 2019 GT PP2

    Actually a very good video but their tunes must be a little conservative based on the fact that alltheir pulls we’re using an “STD” standard. ‘SAE” would’ve had those number an easy 2%-3% lower. And lastly a Reisch thermostat is a silly upgrade on a modern mustang. 5hp is negligible if it...
  18. Best bang for buck bolt on mods for daily driver 2019 GT PP2

    I’ve never heard of any ported manifold on an 18+ making much more than 5hp max on 93. If you wanna do it that’s fine but it’s not a “best bang for buck” mod. Just add an intake and tune to what you have. you should be around 450 wheel at that point. You’re not getting much more than maybe...
  19. Limp mode on mustang gt c/s 2020, car is full bolt on and tuned on e85.

    Most likely the tune. Could be the air intake. Check the filter.