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  1. i wonder if K&N drop in filters net more gains with 2022 cars...

    No one will be taking the air box apart to check if that carbon filter is present or not. For any reason. I assure you that no one at the dealer even knows it’s there, or cares.
  2. Dead spot in throttle

    Is it always the same intersection?
  3. De-tune a Coyote.

    Couldn't you use one of those third party throttle controllers and just remap it so its like 50% at WOT or something like that? Maybe I'm misunderstanding how they work...
  4. 5.0 knocking and dealer says it’s normal

    A ventilated block is the quickest way to a new engine.
  5. Wireless Apple CarPlay is awesome!

    Is it required that it talks to you upon connection?
  6. 10k Service?

    Looks like mostly just a bunch of inspections.
  7. borla and electric cars

    Cant blame a company for trying to figure out how to stay relevant in a new world.
  8. I didn't know the 9-Speaker could sound this good...

    Yes, I did. You also posted the same pic in another thread in a reply to me. I truly do appreciate that. With that being said, I figure it doesn’t hurt to get other peoples takes on it as well. Just wanted to see a few different approaches to to it before I decide how to tackle it myself.
  9. Distance to empty

    Yes, it is an estimate. I was trying not to compare to other systems on other cars because it clearly works differently than what I have seen in the past. It appears to be a bit dumber than others I am used to seeing, for sure.
  10. I didn't know the 9-Speaker could sound this good...

    Did you happen to take any pics of the sound deadening in the doors? I have seen a few peoples takes and more info is always helpful. Maybe some specifics on what you did with the doors?
  11. Now something completely different

    Maybe that string flaps around in a circle while driving and “buffs” that spot.
  12. Now something completely different

    Now this is a mystery fit for the internet.
  13. Distance to empty

    I believe it only resets at fill up, not while driving. Some have said it will adjust while driving, but that has not been my experience.
  14. Distance to empty

    Give it a couple tanks. Then see what it says. When I first got my GT, first fill up said 145. Now it’s closer to 300.
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    From what I understand, it is behind the accelerator pedal assembly, so that has to be removed to plug it from the inside. Some people have done that. But in terms of leaving it installed, I was mostly removing it for appearance reasons and to simplify the engine bay. There are no fewer than 6...