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  1. Steeda Vertical Link Question.

    Those look to good to install! Please be sure and get some pics of rhe bottom of your car once you get everything coated and in place.
  2. MT82-D4 rebuild thread

    Oh, indeed it is!
  3. MT82-D4 rebuild thread

    Update: Pulled all gears, synchros, support plate and shift gate. Tools used were medium and large 2 jaw pullers (to pull gears and synchros), 13mm socket (for support plate bolts) and T45 torx bit (for shift gate bolts).
  4. MT82-D4 rebuild thread

    Yessir, they sure are! Hopefully they will withstand some high rpm spirited shifting when coupled with a good clutch of course.
  5. MT82-D4 rebuild thread

    Huge “Thank You!“ @boB for sending me several pages from your service manual to help facilitate the disassembly/reassembly of my tranny.
  6. MT82-D4 rebuild thread

    Still waiting on the detent pin removal tool to arrive. In the meantime, I removed the 1st/2nd shift forks and reverse rail. Note: In order to get these out, I used a transfer punch that fit into the hole of the shift rod and used it to engage the gears. I then put the transmission in what I...
  7. MT82-D4 rebuild thread

    The two large detent pins have proven to be a huge PITA to remove. I managed to remove one from the right side of the casing, using a combination of a modified slide hammer adapter, a half shaft removal tool and a 5 LB hammer. By the time I got to the left side, my modified slide hammer adapter...
  8. Confirmed! 2019 Bullitt Mustang has cast aluminum shift forks

    Not yet, but I’m gonna guess that they are. I’ll post pics once I get there though.
  9. Confirmed! 2019 Bullitt Mustang has cast aluminum shift forks

    Great find! Thank you for posting this.
  10. Confirmed! 2019 Bullitt Mustang has cast aluminum shift forks

    My car was built in 01/19.. is there some place on the trans that shows a build date for it?
  11. Confirmed! 2019 Bullitt Mustang has cast aluminum shift forks

    I started disassembling the MY82-D4 from my 2019 Bullitt today and confirmed that the shift forks are not the upgraded metal or steel ones that I’ve heard many say Ford had upgraded to (including the repairing of some problematic 2018 GTs). Have a look for yourselves here.
  12. MT82-D4 rebuild thread

    Yep. it’s apparent that the 2019 Bullit didn’t get the upgraded forks. I wonder if the 2015-2017 MT82 had steel shift forks and if so, would they be a direct replacement in the D4? I was hoping mine had them. I would like to replace my 5-6 shift forks with them.
  13. Cooling Mod?

    I hear ya. If I didn’t have my tranny and Intake manifold out of the car, I would not be doing this mod. It would be like working in Braille doing it any other way. I’m going to do their Head Oiling Mod too while I’m back there.
  14. Cooling Mod?

    Here’s a pic. It looks like it’ll work. I was worried for a minute there.
  15. Cooling Mod?

    I don’t have the kit yet. I just ordered it a couple of days ago.looking at what you have, it appear thst it’ll work on my 2019 Bullitt. There is a large threaded hole on the passenger side head. Stay and I’ll go grab a pic real quick. Are you dropping your tranny or removing the intake...
  16. NA Dyno Results!

    How bad was that cam install? I‘ve been kinda thinking about them for mine While I have the I take manifold off right now. Doesn’t Comp Cams make a Stage 3 cam set that doesn’t require springs? Did you upgrade any of the tensioners and chains while you were in there?w
  17. Looking for 18’ 5.0 mt82 d4

    I am curious as to what condition your clutch and flywheel assembly were in? I remove the outer clutch plate to see what it looked like underneath and here’s what mine looked like at 6K miles.
  18. Looking for 18’ 5.0 mt82 d4

    I hear ya! I’m so tired of people making excuses to get out of doing work it’s ridiculous. That’s awesome that you forged ahead and did it yourself! I have that same mindset. The good thing about doing it yourself is you’re going to exercise care in doing the work. Sure there may be a hiccup or...
  19. MT82-D4 rebuild thread

    Additional pics. The last one is referencing the two larger detent pins that I have yet to figure out how to remove without causing any damage to the tranny. I’ll get there eventually though.