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  1. Brake Bleeding

    I have the power bleeder and it makes it much easier. You just need to buy the unit and the correct cap/adapter. Then you fill the reservoir, pump it up to about 20 psi and crack open the bleeder valve and capture the fluid. If you've done that and you're not getting voids or any spitting or...
  2. Half Shafts and boost

    1) The weakest part of the drivetrain is what fails. Think of it like a series of connected wires, slap a high current on the circuit and the smallest wire burns/melts. In the old days, you'd want that to be the clutch. Clutches were cheap(er) and the ensuing carnage was largely contained...
  3. ARP 7733

    I'm already committed to the R fronts and the color would only be noticeable if you had a wide angle lens and zoom in on a split screen. I like the nosing better on the ARPs.
  4. ARP 7733

    I'm in either an identical situation as you or very close. I too have the EOS Ti lug nuts and I just went and measured. The fronts are 41.2mm from end of lug to outside face of lug nut in the front. They are 22.2mm from end of lug to outside face of lug nut in the rear. Without the lugs off...
  5. Cooling Mod?

    There's zero proof of that. I'm open to the idea that it's a gimmick and either doesn't help or the assistance is trivial, but honestly until someone does a test with data, everyone's just speculating.
  6. Cooling Mod?

    There's absolutely no proof either way. Saying it doesn't work has the same value of swearing it solves everything.
  7. Cooling Mod?

    I normally despise teflon tape. But trust me, use COPIOUS amounts of teflon tape for the fittings threads. Trying to reinstall even the AN fittings after everything is in place is a TRUCKERMOTHER.
  8. Catalytic Converters & Boost.. Disaster waiting to happen? (Street / Strip )

    I'm betting they're higher volume flow/less restrictive than the GT350. I can't imagine Ford oversized the 350 cats to the point that they wouldn't need to upsize them on the 500 making 50% more power/flow.
  9. De-tune a Coyote.

    I've always wondered why the auto manufacturers didn't offer a "learners' key" like I had on my jet ski. It could double as a valet setting or a setting for teenage drivers. Speed, RPM, throttle position and ramp rate, whether distractions like infotainment are available, etc. All could be...
  10. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    I don't think you're understanding the issue. The "restart" gives the charging system fits because depending on what the charging system recognizes the charge level/state of the battery determines whether it tries to save effort or give full charging. Something with the restart reserve tricks...
  11. Stopping distance GT vs GT PP1/PP2

    Stopping distance is limited by brakes or by traction. Almost all US cars are traction limited, meaning the stopping distance doesn't improve with better/bigger brakes, it'll still lock up the tires and/or activate the ABS system. Bigger brakes simply mean better resistance to fade. So any...
  12. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    Not without "restart" issues. The highest you're going to get that doesn't have the restart reserve (which plays hell with Ford's elaborate charging strategy) is the ATX30. The capacity isn't spectacular, but as shown previously in the thread, it's acceptable for all but the most obscure uses...
  13. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    I bought one, just haven't installed it. I've been running the H5. Although I've been using the charger/tender when I park it, when I drive, the voltage seems to want to stay down around 12.7 or 12.8, which concerns me. Leads me to believe at some point it'll leave me stranded. I think I'm...
  14. Compression Ratio Help!

    I personally wouldn't go higher than 11:1 with 91 on gen 2 heads. One of the reasons Ford can get away with it on the gen 3 is the knock reduction from the DI. Ford made a mistake in fielding the Voodoo with 12:1 and no DI. It's just begging for knock when questionable fuel is involved. On...
  15. Cooling Mod?

    Interesting. We've already established that there's a physical disparity between 4 and 8 (with the coolant channel and location of the CHT sensor). The question then becomes, does Ford use the worst case cylinder condition and apply everywhere (leaving some power on the table) or simply run...
  16. Any Extended wheel studs other than the 3inch?

    I have Titanium extended lugs. Thanks for the heads up though.
  17. Any Extended wheel studs other than the 3inch?

    Anyone know where we can get 1/2 longer than rears? ARP is saying they won't even ship until November (100-7732) and NO ONE has them.
  18. MMR cooling head head mod

    It's just less of an issue, not total elimination. The engine oil has to reach certain peak levels to burn off lighter volatile contaminants. So running the car too cool all the time isn't necessarily ALL beneficial.
  19. MMR cooling head head mod

    The thermostat only comes into play in specific situations for many parts of the country. In FL, it doesn't really matter if you run a 160 or a 170, or even the stock 190. It's going to eventually reach temp over the t-stat value anyway, just a matter of how quickly the t stat opens. In...