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  1. Staggered or not

    For real. Track dudes are going to have the better knowledge for proper track setups. While most of us don't track our cars. My setup is fully street based. Not necessarily drag racing, but still a mountain carver. Both of those things as best as they can be setup. Stop light to stop light is...
  2. Drink, Drank, Drunk...What are you all drinking tonight?

    As someone who is trying to quit smoking and drinking...that looks like a great unwind time.
  3. Drink, Drank, Drunk...What are you all drinking tonight?

    That one has a BCM SS410 16" barrel. very similar. Geissele SSA trigger with a Young Mfg NM carrier. Kinda crazy how things have changed in 10+ years. Things have gotten much lighter thankfully. Yet I don't plan to change that one anymore. I've had 300blk build in the works for years. Have...
  4. Staggered or not

    Have two sets. I fully agree
  5. Drink, Drank, Drunk...What are you all drinking tonight?

    She’s a front heavy bitch. Shoots well tho.
  6. Drink, Drank, Drunk...What are you all drinking tonight?

    Damn it guys! Now I need to findmy LaRue opener from 10ish years ago. Time for closet digging! 🤣
  7. Staggered or not

    I have 285s up front. Looking to do the modifications to put 305s on next year. While I don't track the car, I do enjoy ripping through the mountains, but mainly just want better rear wheel traction when I get heavy on the pedal on the street.
  8. Staggered or not

    Staggered for the big 325 meat in the rear. Looks great! :like: Once you start changing the suspension bits and settings, you can lessen the natural understeer from a staggered setup.
  9. Drink, Drank, Drunk...What are you all drinking tonight?

    I got carded at Costco today: buying wine for my mom. I'm 37 years old. She was convinced I was still in HS. WTF? I do have a young face, but rock a full beard with white hairs. I think she was flirting. I'll take the complement. And here I am trying to be sober while starting to date a...
  10. Front Sequential Turn Signal

    Not a Mach 1, but I've had the DD front lamps in my GT for months now: with yellow fogs. Great quality. DRL is very bright. Sequential turn signals to match the rears. Much fuller fog lighting. Zero complaints so far. :like:
  11. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    Strong tea. Like really strong. Dark as coffee, needing some cream to cut it. No sugar. Strong as fuck tea, with a splash of cream to cut it down.
  12. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    @WD Pro Give me some tea recommendations please. What are you Brits actually drinking?" My dad brought some loose leaf black back from London years ago. It was better than all then all I find here. I go though a lot of tea. English Breakfast from Twinings is my bagged jam. Scottish and...
  13. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    Already did! :like: :like: I used some good ol' processed American cheese. It's a guilty pleasure. No Kerry Gold Irish butter was spared. I'll go with the low sodium version of both Vegimite and Marmite when these jars need replacing. The saltiness is really my only complaint about both. I...
  14. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    The Vegemite arrived today. I fixed a couple slices of the same sour dough loaf from Marmite night. Buttered them up... I like the Vegimite so much more on toast! Second slice was nearly as covered as yours. It's still salty, but not as harsh with the salt? I could definitely enjoy this...
  15. 2024 S650 Mustang Details - Steeda Coverage

    That dash...:facepalm:
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Took it out for a little drive after dinner tonight. First time in over a week. I've been dealing with a left ankle...then left knee injury and couldn't push in the clutch if I wanted to. I know I'm stating the obvious, yet it's still crazy how raw the Mustang feels after driving just my old...
  17. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    Alright. I made a cottage pie for diner tonight. Instead of the usual beef bullion I'd use, I swapped it for a teaspoonish of Marmite instead. I almost always swap the potatoes for mashed cauliflower to keep the carbs down and the veggies up; tastes better too IMO. No salt added; just the...
  18. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    It's like a very concentrated beef bouillon with all the beef essences, yet zero beef. But that salt! I don't go shy with salt when I cook, but damn. That stuff is no joke. I'm very interested in trying it where it's an ingredient and not a spread.
  19. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    The Marmite arrived late tonight. Smells like I was expecting: a very umami salty syrup. I thought I went light enough…nope! This stuff does taste good but is so so salty. Buttered sourdough on top. Plain I’ll try it again tomorrow but lighter. I can definitely see it being great in rich...
  20. CAI IAT Modifications

    Damn $250 for that? I may have to indulge.