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  1. nGauge Question

    Probably a simple question, but I cant find anything definitive I have a Lund tune with nGauge on my 2016 GT. I also have a 2013 5.0 F150 that is throwing codes and I'd like to use the nGauge to read the codes and do some datalogging to help diagnose the issue. The truck is not tuned. Can I...
  2. Header install question

    I got mine off using about 4 extensions snapped together. I thought for sure something would break but it worked for me.
  3. power bump from cool weather

    I’m not new to performance cars, but I swear my mild bolt-on 2016 GT is more impacted by weather changes than any other car I’ve had before. In hot air during the summer the car just feels lazy and I’m always wishing for more power. Now that the weather is cooling off I remember how hard it...
  4. Recaro Seat Covers? Again.....

    Wet Okole doesn’t list the Recaros as an option on their site, but they do make them for regular GT Recaros. I had to contact them directly. You may want to do the same to see about the GT350 Recaros.
  5. FF tune vs. 93 tune

    E85 on a flex tune will perform almost identical to *really good* 93 on a 93 tune.
  6. Lund Racing Tune issue

    Fwiw I always get a p0135 when going from aftermarket (Lund) time back To stock, but have never gotten one going from stock to Lund tune. The current firmware of a Lund ngauge will perform a crank relearn, but the older versions don’t. AFAIK every Sct x4 device will also do it.
  7. clutch squeak when cold

    I have about 1200 miles on my Exedy Mach 500 clutch and flywheel. I replaced the concentric slave cylinder with a new Exedy unit, and the pilot bearing with a McLeod sintered bronze bushing. Clutch works great. Feels nice. Only weird issue I have is this: When the car is cold (after sitting...
  8. Free flowing AND quiet: CAN YOU HAVE BOTH?

    Longubes and factory catback should do the trick
  9. Code p0420 after kooks lTH

    How do you think they eliminate the cat inefficiency code? Your rear 02’s are not being read. They are effectively “turned off”.
  10. Code p0420 after kooks lTH

    Not really. Turning off the rear 02’s is how tuners eliminate the cat inefficiency codes. Some of the mainstream tuners do this, others won’t. My rear 02s are disabled in the tune and they aren’t even on the car since my TSP longtubes don’t have provisions for them anyway. Only issue with doing...
  11. Vintage - Mustang v. Camaro

    The 80s were sad times for car guys.
  12. The MT82 gets a unfair bad rep...

    I had zero issues with my mt82 in stock form. I have since added an Exedy clutch, stainless hydraulic line, and MGW shifter. The feel is much improved, but honestly it was fine to begin with. Probably one of the slickest transmissions I’ve driven in a while now. Those of you complaining about...
  13. 2019 mustang gt 10r80 500whp mods?

    Full exhaust and e85 will get pretty close.
  14. How bad is it running no front 02 sensors?

    Toss the rear ones, sure. But without the widebands I would guess the car would just default into a closed loop limp mode of some kind. I sure wouldn’t run it that way.
  15. MT-82 is my 4 gear going out?

    That was very difficult to read. But it sounds like it could just be an issue with the factory clutch not wanting to fully disengage about 7k.
  16. MGW shifter

    I went with the standard race spec. X spec has a shorter throw.
  17. Lowering recommendations for DD

    Somewhere around .75”-1” drop is perfect for a daily car IMO. I like my Steeda sport linear springs but came very close to getting the BMR minimal drop (sp080 I think?). Anything over an inch is pretty impractical for a driver.
  18. Light Clutch Pedal at High RPM

    I played around with the car and noticed that it will do this stationary in neutral as well, but not as pronounced. If I hold the revs at 6k rpm in neutral and depress the pedal, it does feel softer than at idle or lower rpm. Again, not as pronounced as when driving but it’s there. I really...
  19. MGW shifter

    Just put mine on this weekend. I had the trans out to put a clutch in so I was able to install the bridge with the trans on the bench, then just get the shifter body on with the trans back in the car. Much easier that way but I don’t think it would be that bad even without pulling the trans. I...
  20. Light Clutch Pedal at High RPM

    My new Exedy Mach 500 clutch now has a few hundred miles of around town driving so I got into the throttle a bit today. I noticed that when shifting at high RPM (anything over 5-6k) the clutch pedal feels noticeably lighter, mostly toward the last few inches of travel nearest the floor. The...