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  1. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    I agreed to let them use my name. Not sure if anything will come out of it, but firm won the MT82 and Focus transmission suits.
  2. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    I have contacted a law firm to try and get a class action started.
  3. Performance battery

    I have been looking for an AGM battery that properly fits the S550. Finally found one. Odyssey 96R-650
  4. ICON GT350 Fenders Painted

    Really impressed. Ordered my fenders painted on Wednesday late, and the shipped them yesterday! Should have them Thursday.
  5. ICON GT350 Fenders Painted

    i called and asked if they sold them painted, and they said yes.
  6. ICON GT350 Fenders Painted

    Lots of lookers and no talkers. so I am taking the risk and order them. I will post how they worked out. $895 painted and shipped.
  7. ICON GT350 Fenders Painted

    Has anyone purchased the painted GT350 front fenders from ICON? If so are you happy with the paint and fit? Thanks!
  8. 2018 Mustang GT Baer 6 Piston Brakes

    What did you do about the rear parking brake? Thanks!
  9. Dealer Complaint. Update - Please delete

    They don't give a shit either. I won't bore you with my story.
  10. Proformance packages

    Ford does not have kits for the 2018 and up. The Ford Performance fellow at an event I was at said that they are working on them, but most of what they did for 2015-02017 is in the 2018, so there may not be much offered. Seeing the previous posts is why I am no longer on the S550 Facebook...
  11. First disaster - snapped hood bolt

    Is that Harbor Freight wrench?
  12. Ford is worthless

    Actually the dealer that has the car told me to call Ford, because he could not get the part from Ford and the way the Ford part system is, so I have been told, other dealers parts don't always show up because of a code in the system, so they could not find the part and was have one shipped on...
  13. Ford is worthless

    I asked for an 8D, if you are a Ford supplier you should find that comical.
  14. Ford is worthless

    UPDATE: Thanks to tripp, the dealer will have the part in the morning. Thanks to him, I did a search and found the part locally. Amazing to me that the consumer can find the part using Google, but Ford can't find it with all their massive high tech systems.
  15. Ford is worthless

    The "district manager" at Ford is now pissed at me because thanks to Tripp, I found 2 of the seal kits 15 minutes from the dealer that has the car despite them being on backorder. "The parts department at Johnson Ford has tried all their resources to obtain the part" tripp explained to me...
  16. Ford is worthless

    You also have to register it. Don't assume the dealer or the installer did when they did the software install. You have to email in the receipt.
  17. Ford is worthless

    Hope your right, I want to support American companies. If you look at it today, every Ford car platform has an SUV model as well. Fiesta Ecosport Focus Esxape Fuzion Edge Taurus Explorer They get $10K more for the SUV version. TTAC website did a story on it a while ago.
  18. Ford is worthless

    Sent you a PM for dealership info.
  19. Ford is worthless

    Not disagreeing with that, but if compare a Ford Edge or Escape to a comparable Toyota or Honda, Ford still loses when it comes to cost of ownership and problems per 1,000 cars.
  20. Ford is worthless

    Seal Kit BL3Z7153B. I am retired, but spend 40 years in the parts business, several in Detroit dealing with car companies, so I do part time consulting to the largest Motorcraft Distributor in the world and they could not get the part because it has been on back order.