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  1. Daytona this weekend.

    Wanted to see if anyone will be going to Daytona this weekend for the track event and the show.
  2. 2019 Black R for sale at local dealer.

    2019 Shadow black at my local dealer. I got to see the car today it looks great just wanted to put it on the forum for anybody interested in it if you want better pictures of the car just ask and its at MSRP. Web link to dealer...
  3. GT 500 convertible will it be made for 2020?

    Just wanted to see how many people believe a 2020 GT500 convertible will be available. The convertible would be the main competition to the ZL1 convertible I think, maybe Ford has a surprise still up its sleeve for us.
  4. Need advice for brake pads and rotors.

    Going to replace brake pads after 12k miles should I replace the rotors also?
  5. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    Does anyone have the part number for the Puddle Lamps for 2019.
  6. What the GT 350 looks like without the dash.

    Had to have the A/C evaporator replaced. If anyone has this problem and has questions just let me know.