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  1. Half shaft safety loops

    Anyone making them for the S550? My local drag strip is busting my chops for not having them while using slicks.
  2. DSS Half Shaft noise/click

    I recently installed 800hp half shafts, I am getting a clicking noise then starting in first or going from forward to reverse. Is this normal? Its kind of annoying. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. 17" front drag wheel on PP with spacer

    Will it fit with a 1" spacer? I was considering Racestars Thanks in advance!
  4. 17x9 Cobra replicas on PP

    Fit perfectly, ordered 28x10" Hoosiers slicks
  5. Couple videos from track day

    Had a blast!
  6. Stock 2015 intake manifold $150 shipped

    I have an extra 2015 manifold , I was going to have it ported and smoothed out but decided to go another route. Comes with part of the throttle body too. $150 shipped within the US. Thanks!
  7. Porting stock intake manifold

    I just picked up an extra stock intake manifold that I am going to have ported. Has anyone else done this? I will update this thread with my results good or bad.
  8. 100 shot N20 without nitrous tune?

    Is is safe to run a 100 shot on a Lund 91 tune to be exact. I want to run a small shot but not sacrifice power by uploading a nitrous type tune. Thoughts?
  9. New PB [email protected] 113.78

    Pretty happy ! 2000ft DA
  10. Installed 160 degree thermostat

    Installed a 160 degree thermostat from Livernois today. Saw a nice drop in IAT's and cylinder head temps. Should work well here in the Arizona heat.
  11. 19x10 American Muscle PP repo's

    Got them put on today. Running Nitto NTO5r's 305/35/19 They fit perfect! No rubbing or sticking out. Perfect match for the PP's except for be center cap. They are even a few pounds lighter.
  12. Take off axels

    I just picked up a set of take off axles for less than $100. Don't have anyone to share my excitement with except this group. I can't afford upgraded axels at this time. I have been talking my 6sp PP to the track and will be running drag radials. At least now I have a set of extra axles if they...
  13. GT 350 half shafts

    Any reason why these would not work on our regular cars? Wonder how much HP they can handle?
  14. Power ideas

    Anyone got any ideas where I can pick up a few more HP? I currently have LT catless headers, Lund Tune, JLT intake and MBRP exhaust. I don't want to shed weight. Thanks in advance!
  15. Are TPMS needed?

    Reason I ask is that I want to have a set of rear wheels for drag radials and I don't care about TPMS unless the car goes into limp mode. Anyone know for sure? Thanks in advance!
  16. PP reproductions Has anyone ordered these yet, it's time for new rear tires and I think I am going to order these to go a little wider.
  17. GT PP 1/4 mile , finish in 4th or 5th

    How many of you are doing the 4-5 shift in the 1/4? I have been holding in 4th and was wondering if I'm leaving ET and MPH on the table by not going into 5th. Thanks!
  18. 19x10 GT PP replicas

    Has anyone seen these or tried them? Was thinking of using them in the rear to keep stock look but put more rubber.
  19. SCT X4 updates

    I've noticed that there are updates on the SCT hand held tuner, is there any benefit to updating and reloading tune if the tune was done by another company? Thanks!