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  1. Who needs help?

    I'm starting this thread because obviously we all need to help each other to make it through this difficult time of crisis. Wether it's financial, transportation or even basic needs let's pull together and live on! Feel free to post a need that our community may be able to help support!
  2. Dealers willing to make deal!

    I'm looking for a fair deal on a base GT 500 in twister orange, iconic silver or oxford white. Reply or send me a pm, I'm ready to make a deal! Don't bother replying if your looking to adding fees to msrp!
  3. Pennsylvania 2 FREE HOOSIER SLICKS!

    Come and get them! These still have some passes left on them but I decided to switched to MT bias r. The size is 28/10/17. Send me a PM!
  4. Side stripes or just over the top?

    Well, what is it? Over the top, just the side stripes, both or none at all!
  5. Who has/had the fastest time from vegas?

    Predictions and testimonies are welcomed, let's hear it!
  6. Your OCD and your mustang thread!

    I can't believe it has taking me 4.5 years to discover that my pp wheels have different placement of the schrader valve. After putting on my A/S setup today, I realized the front 9" rims have the valve in the short wide part while the rear 9.5" have the valve in the skinny long part. Anymore she...
  7. All E-force guys check for this!

    I noticed this today while checking the oil. I believe this interference was causing some false knock on shifts. When I first installed the kit I checked for clearance all over and it was tight at spots but clear. Obviously when the engine flexes in the mounts it was hitting here. One of my...
  8. New 28x11.5-17 Hoosier quick time pro!

    Has anyone run these yet? I was getting ready to switch to the mt bias ply street r's but I just saw these came out. I love how my Hoosier slicks hook but I'm looking for something more stable now that I will be faster and shifting into 5th. Also I like the fact that there DOT.
  9. Velosso Tech Big mouth pics please?

    I recently installed an rtr grill and I'm thinking about ordering a set but I would like to see some real life pics. Here's a pic off their website but I'd like to see some different angles and colors.
  10. What's next for the s550?

    Over the last 5 years Ford has brought out many models, packages and trim levels to the s550. What do you think will be next for the s550?
  11. Pennsylvania WTB black/chrome mf auto design howler badge.

    I can not find one of these anywhere. Please let me know if you have one for sale or if you know where I can buy one.
  12. Upgrading drive shaft, suggestions please!

    I just installed the e-force 2300 kit the other week and I think I'm on borrowed time with the stock driveshaft. Everything else is already beefed up but I didn't do the drive shaft because of noise\vibration. Please post your suggestions or regrets with your choice of an aftermarket drive shaft.
  13. Anyone run a stock power 18 manual on slicks yet?

    I'm just curious if anyone has ran a factory tuned 18 manual with a set of slicks yet? I seen some factory tuned 18 manuals hitting around 117 mph but not hooking, so I would think with a set of slicks that could be a 11.5 ish. I am willing to let anyone use my slicks and skinnies to find out...
  14. Manual guys only, auto guys wouldn't understand!

    I posted this elsewhere but thought it would be appropriate for this thread as well! This is why I can't drive a auto and why I need a better camera!
  15. GT 350 owners opinions wanted.

    Hello guys, I was holding out to see what the GT 500 was all about but mainly due to no manual offered it's not the car for me. So since the GT 350 has always held my attention I'm leaning towards upgrading to it. It's certainly a perfectly balanced car and "is" in my opinion the best looking...
  16. Am I the only who is disappointed?

    I'm sorry but there is nothing special with this GT 500. It's even less special when you compare it to everything else that is already out there. In my opinion, Ford dropped the ball BIG TIME! I don't think anyone has to worry about huge dealer mark ups on this "special stang".
  17. Best size tire for a 20x10 et 38?

    I'm mostly curious about up front. I know I have plenty of room in the rear. The wheels are rovos pretoria 20x10 et 35 square. I'm trying to run no spacer. The wheels clear my pp brakes but I did have to remove my dust cap to get the center cap on. I have a good bit of space between rim and...
  18. 20x10 et 38 clear pp brembo brakes?

    Just like the title states, will 20x10 et 38 fit on my pp car without hitting my brakes or anything else up front? Also would this be the correct fitment for a s550? If any body has pictures of a similar set up please post them. Thank you!
  19. Why is FORD'S stock at $8 per share?

    Personally I think it's lack of vision. Cutting all there small cars wss a big no no. People who buy cheap cars and have a good experience with brand and dealer buy a more expensive model the next time around. The new f-150 is not the best looking truck being offered to say the least. Personally...
  20. Fastest 2015-2017 with a PP2 tune!

    See my signature for et/mph. I'm looking at heading down to Cecil next week for a new PR. Just looking to see if anyone has topped my last best? The only new mods are clutch n shifter. Plus I lost the love for the car so I'm going to lay it all out! BTW car is mint and 4 sale if anyone is...