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  1. Half shaft safety loops

    Yes, it's ridiculous. I try to abide by all the rules. I installed a driveshaft safety loop as well. It's he same guy who keeps "adding" stuff to tnthe list. I love the Tucson staff, they are very reasonable and rational. Not to mention they run the track very well.
  2. Half shaft safety loops

    Maybe something like you did for the Viper?
  3. Half shaft safety loops

    It's super annoying, I'm going to fab something up to qualify for the rule book to shut them up
  4. Half shaft safety loops

    Yes, they are pretty strict at Wildhorse Raceway. Can you guys help make a set? I would be happy to purchase! I would love to shut the tech guys up. I tried to explain the same thing to them. Thanks!
  5. Half shaft safety loops

    Anyone making them for the S550? My local drag strip is busting my chops for not having them while using slicks.
  6. Made Three quarter mile passes yesterday

    Nice time, what did you do differently to go from 11.7 to 11.4? Thanks!
  7. Before/After 93 to E85 Lund tuning Dyno.

    I think that's a good idea, at least it will shut up the non believers.
  8. 3.73 gear swap or GT350 Manifold?

    I ordered mine! I cant wait!!!!!!
  9. Performance Pack GT Tips / Advice for drag strip?

    Actually on that run I was not power shifting. I just started doing it and it shaves a couple more tenths off your runs. Keep us informed about the new intake.
  10. gt350 vs 16 ss auto both stock

    Here is my car with mods below vs. a 16 SS. I think the GT350 needed driver mod.
  11. GT350 intake and PMAS dyno run A/C question

    We have 3 dyno pulls to prove it. Let me see if I can find them.
  12. GT350 intake and PMAS dyno run A/C question

    My friend dynoed his car with the A/C on by accident. We realized it after a few pulls. He lost 14hp. I was surprised it was that much.
  13. Performance Pack GT Tips / Advice for drag strip?

    2015 GTPP Hoosier 28x10' Slicks, Lund FF tune, Catless headers. 11.860 @116.73 1.6 60' 5500rpm launch. 1600' DA
  14. Should I check to see if used GT has been previously tuned?

    YEah, I wouldnt stress over the tires. Mine lasted less than 9k and I think I used line lock once for less than 5 seconds.
  15. OFFICIAL: Sixty-Foot Time Suspension Thread - (Drag Racing)

    Can we add a launch RPM ? I'm curious what the manual guys are launching at. Thanks!
  16. carbon fiber mirror covers

    I'll take them.
  17. Wanted steering wheel

    I would have to take it to a shipping place to find out. It is in perfect shape, I had swapped it out soon after I bought the car. PM me your address and I can find out how much shipping is.
  18. Wanted steering wheel

    I will sell you mine for $75
  19. 2018 Mustang refresh?

    Here is my 15 with headers and a tune vs a stock 16 camaro. We are both on the same exact tire. [ame]