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  1. Building the 3.7 motor

    Hey guys been a member here for a while and I have been really playing with the idea to build a 3.7 motor for all the boost. What are your all’s recommendations what should be reinforced etc. Thanks in advance I’m thinking of buying a separate motor and build that one, but any input would be...
  2. Water leaking inside rear window after rain.

    So I had my car parked for a whole day without moving it and that day it rained all day. When I went to the car to leave I looked back and noticed it was wet from both sides from the rear seat belts. I was kinda pissed off because this has never happened before but I fear it it happened it's...
  3. Project mmagnetic

    A little background about me this is my very first mustang ever that I purchased on my own. Before this I owned a 13 nissan versa and 6 months later I got into my 2016 magnetic mustang v6. Sometimes I think to myself I should have just waited a bit and got the gt and 6spd, but I have enjoyed...
  4. WTB did dd side markers

    Like the title says anyone selling their diode dynamics rear side markers let me know please. Thank you