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  1. Heartland Motorsports Park Autocross

    Non HP mach 1 is interested in showing up
  2. m1 issues yet?

    Yup ill go do that right away . I think the noise started when i had a flat and had to get the tire inflater kit out from the tire well . Thanks for the idea
  3. m1 issues yet?

    Im having this issue at 2500 miles and its driving me crazy . Im thinking of giving it to granger to get it checked this week .
  4. Pilot Sport 4S to Pilot Sport AS

    I swapped to the Pilot Sport All season a week ago. So far its holding up ok . Gonna see how it will handle in the winter
  5. The Life of Daily Driving a 5.0

    Lucky me so far , not many ppl where i live care about my car . Apart from a VW polo trying to race me no one else has tried to race me
  6. Engine break in info

    If and when you do end up doing it you gotta post a pic here . I have never seen a stang tow a tractor and for some reason i find it hilarious
  7. 2021 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Finally picked up my mach from granger yesterday and i cant be happier . The car is super fun to drive plus with this stick shift i am sure i don't need to do any more calf raises in the gym
  8. Engine break in info

    Yea but like @Charlemagne said , FP doesn't care about wrecking cars. Since its my only car im not sure if i can run it that hard straight away . But i get your point that these cars can take abuse pretty well right from the factory
  9. Engine break in info

    I just checked the manual and it doesn't say much . All it says is take it easy for 1k miles and don't tow stuff
  10. Engine break in info

    Does anyone have an idea about the break in period? How many miles and wats the max rpm should on keep it under till then Thanks in advance
  11. Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    Finally my car is here
  12. 2021 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Im tracking it , mine was built on 20th and shipped around 30th . It shows expected date between 9/7 and 9/13
  13. 2021 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    That sucks , i hoped it would get to iowa sooner since michigan is not that far off
  14. 2021 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Does anybody know how long shipping to granger generally take once the status on the tracker changes to shipped ?
  15. 2021 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Hey @Mikepol2 , can you gimme the ford performance number pls . I knew you posted it in some thread and i tried looking but didn't find it
  16. 2021 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    yea im in the same boat as well, Mine says built on 20th and the dealer says its in transit . Im not sure which is right so i just gave up looking for the status online and decided ill just wait for the dealer to call me when the car is here
  17. 2021 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Its odd , i have the same build date and it says built on 08/20
  18. License plate suggestions

  19. License plate suggestions

    I'm thinking of either GAS ROX, GULP GAS for my mach
  20. Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    When was yours built according to the ford website ?