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  1. 2022 Mach 1 No-Lift Shift

    Works great for me, but I tend to use it for straight line acceleration as you do have to be flat out!
  2. Share your other toys!

  3. 2021 Mach 1 car cover for sale

    Ok probably gone, but for reference, anyone got the link to the "sales page"?
  4. Just realized my 2021 Mach 1 Doesn't have the 2 oil and pressure meters

    Not with RHD, haven't seen any after market options "the other way round" !
  5. Just realized my 2021 Mach 1 Doesn't have the 2 oil and pressure meters

    No, UK models don't have the dash gauges or the electronic selection option. The most track ready Mustang ever sold in UK doesn't have an oil pressure gauge!
  6. Franklin Mint

    Has anyone seen an original 2016 model, I have my Bullitt and Mach1, but can't find a model of my original pre face-lift GT. All the older ones I've found have bonnet (hood) vents which mine didn't have?
  7. My New 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package

    Looks like it's missing the front arch mouldings?
  8. Oil Pressure

    Yes, I was talking with a guy from Aus, their RHD cars don't have it either, but he says it can be reactivated with Forscan.
  9. UK Mach 1 Forscan ABS Module screen shot

    Oh wow, I did wonder about that, do you have the code? How about Gearbox temp on a manual?
  10. UK Mach 1 Forscan ABS Module screen shot

    Sorry can't help with the Forscan, but on differences, the UK RHD cars have had the Oil Pressure gauge removed from the digital selection, do your's have it?
  11. Oil Pressure

  12. Oil Pressure

    It was the same on the RHD Bullitt, no oil pressure gauge on the dash or on the electronic selection. I think when the no oil gauge message for the dash came round, someone on programming took it off the digital as well!
  13. Oil Pressure

    Good deal, not on the UK (RHD) ones I just assumed it was all?
  14. Oil Pressure

    No idea, the export cars don't get the dash gauges, or the electronic oil pressure gauge option!
  15. Colour Code

    Have picked up s stone chip on a wheel, dies anyone know the paint code for the Magnetic on them?
  16. Mach 1 vs Mach 1 HP

    Mainly long motorway runs back then, try and avoid city's etc 😀
  17. Mach 1 vs Mach 1 HP

    Strangely I used to get 20 from my Bullitt, (28 from the GT before that), but with the Mach 1 it has dropped to around 15! The car is so much more fun and just begs to be driven harder! 😀
  18. floor mats

    Export cars have plain black and no rear mats.
  19. Mach 1 Non HP, detailed track day report. Willow Springs, Big Willow , "Fastest Road in the west". Non HP a viable track car?

    What OBD are you using, can you call up oil pressure/temp as the export cars don't have the physical or electronic gauge!
  20. m1 issues yet?

    Anyone else have the windscreen washer low level light come on and stay on for no reason? UK dealers can't seem to source the part to replace it either!