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  1. Virginia Circle D 245 3C Converter $800

    If I didnt get a deal I would......not why you are in the classified section if you buy new
  2. Virginia Circle D 245 3C Converter $800

    Point exactly....I actually bought one for $850 because I didnt get an answer. But it's all good let these idiot go pay full price for
  3. Virginia Circle D 245 3C Converter $800

    That's the best price?
  4. Lund nGuage

    If I buy this I would have to buy tunes from lund only?
  5. MMD V-Series Rear Spoiler + JLT CAI +

    How much shipped for the caliper covers. 33032?
  6. Gen 2 Oxford White Whipple head unit

    What else would I need to make this kit complete?
  7. SOLD

  8. Ebay intercooler Install..... .Another one

    Dnt remember what size but you will be able to see from the top to the first core. I havent dynoed so im not sure.
  9. Ebay intercooler Install..... .Another one

    No there are no mounting tabs ,but it was super easy to mount i just drilled into the very top of the intercooler no air passes there, and then used a straight plate to mout it to the bumper support. The lower bracket for the stock intercooler will work to support the ebay intercooler from the...
  10. Twin turbo

    Damn you guys are serious....i thought it was a good setup just wanted to share......
  11. Twin turbo

    Nope im in the right place
  12. Twin turbo

    My friends did this full custom twin turbo setup for a customers car in about 3weeks at there shop in Miami. Dont have any numbers yet they are still in the process of doing the tuning.
  13. Wanna race?

    No your right they did skip November next one is December
  14. Wanna race?

    You mean November,they also have one in wpb next month
  15. Wanna race?

  16. South Florida Roll Call

    That sucks
  17. Extreme Turbo Systems Ford Mustang Ecoboost Intercooler Now Available!

    Your going to have to take to bumper off to remove the stock intercooler without killing yourself....bumper is not that hard to come off. I've taken mine off about 3-4 times already.