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  1. Nevada trying to keep mustangs off the highway

    O.K., maybe it's not what you thought -
  2. Story of an ultramaroon
  3. BMS reset - no tools required

    After replacing my battery (with an AGM), I've been trying to avoid paying the dealer for a BMS reset, and I don't have Forscan or even a computer. I found the following on an F150 forum. Tried it on my '20 GT and it seems to work. Procedure must be carried out within 10 seconds: Switch...
  4. PP1 w/ Magneride tire size

    I've been reading search results til my head is spinning, so I'll just ask - Is anyone running 275/40-19s (a/s 3+) squared on 19Ă—10 et35 wheels on a 2018+ PP1 w/ magneride? (Not lowered.)
  5. Watch out for those mustangs!

    Ah, life in the West, where the coyotes and mustangs run free..