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  1. Time to say farewell

    Thanks yeah I've been incredibly lucky, I'm still really enjoying the car, oh no I can't belive it's a 12m wait for a yaris that's insane 😢
  2. Time to say farewell

    Yeah gifts from toyota wooden key box for the spare, ishoo 'together' toy, a bottle of moet and Lindt chocolates. The Mrs was well happy Yeah there's no options really other than 2.0 or 3.0 and colour
  3. Time to say farewell

    Yeah they're pretty much the same car but with a supra style body I think the supra gets bad rep as you get it fully kitted out as standard. Only thing which is a bummer is that you get id7 I get id6 but not a deal breaker That's a nice colour though you've got and the b58 is very bmw...
  4. Time to say farewell

    Haha damn straight driving to the office tomorrow a nice 30m drive Yeah it's absolutely stunning the photos don't do it justice Thanks for the compliments the question is have I swayed you to a supra :cwl:
  5. Time to say farewell

    Well the day has come :inlove: It looks so much better in person
  6. Time to say farewell

    I'm a lucky one mine has come quick but with Ukraine n chip shortage I was originally quotes August I think there's a 6-9month wait time The Apr is good 1.9% over 4 years or 0% over 2 And dealer contributes 2k towards deposit Depends on your personal circumstances but I'm paying 330pm The...
  7. Time to say farewell

    :fistbump::thumbsup: I ordered it in tungsten silver, i didnt want the bright colours red or yellow, ive had a black car and a grey car (current) so only option was white or silver, i got a white family car and ive never had silver so thats my colour decision process :cwl: It's the 3.0l Pro...
  8. Time to say farewell

    Thanks mate yeah px'd it as i got a good deal in the end and I thought I should make the most of the crazy prices.
  9. Blocked washer jets

    When I installed the hood struts I accidentally crushed the hose where it pops up from the fender which i had same issue, have a look there as it's a pinch point.
  10. Time to say farewell

    Hi all, I had no intention of changing my car for a while but I managed to secure a good deal on a brand new car so I went ahead and ordered it in December and I pick her up on Monday. I'll stick around on the forum if you need any support with mods or general chit chat This forum has been...
  11. Heated / Cooled seats stopped working - no more "click" - can't find the relay

    Yeah tbh the heated and cooled seats are pretty crap don't get hot or cold enough...
  12. Heated / Cooled seats stopped working - no more "click" - can't find the relay

    I've just searched for the connector on Google and this has come up...
  13. Heated / Cooled seats stopped working - no more "click" - can't find the relay

    So today in the UK we had a bit of snow and me n the wife went for a meal, she pops the heated seat on and the cabin filled up with a burning plastic smell... I remember reading this thread and Lowe and behold the ground wire was partially melted and red hot to touch. Looks like I need to apply...
  14. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    i still need to get it up in the air and get wheels off to have a proper look, every so often when setting off or braking i get a click from the rear, when reversing up my drive its really creaky at slow speeds, high speeds not noticable
  15. Passenger Side Mirror Fail

    i believe there is a way to disassemble it without taking it off the car, i think CJ pony does a how to on replacing the mirror glass with the turn signal built into is as you need the wires for that mirror so you may have some luck there, but in short you need to remove the mirror glass to...
  16. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    i've been getting creaking noises ever since owning the car but could never diagnose it, i'll check the shocks! thanks for the find.
  17. Wire under hood?

    yeah this happened to me when installing the ford performance struts it pinched the washer hose, i ended up re-routing it so it didnt get pinched.
  18. Terrible instrument cluster squeak

    i've done the retrofit of the DD on mine and it rattles really badly, i've narrowed it down to the chrome trim that surrounds the trim of the cluster, i plan to use double sided tape to stop it rattling.
  19. Rusting bodywork

    Booked mine in for MOT and service Friday I'll flag it too them as I've also got bubbling on bonnet. Although I don't think I've got paint inspection stamps in my book...
  20. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Had this happen to me at weekend 10 spaces either side all clear.... Parks next to ME... REALLY?!