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  1. Reverse camera wiring.

    Hi. I have a review display that has three wires that I'm trying to mount to the factory reverse camera. 3 wires form the display for video but I can't figure out which pins to use on the stock camera on a 2015 mustang to make it work. Anyone know based on the diagram?
  2. Axle recommendations

    2015 Mustang GT 800-900 Crank HP. Running M/T ET Street SS currently. Hoping to spend around $1,200. Thank you.
  3. Rear camera switch

    Hi. I'm wanting to wire a switch to the reverse camera. I want to be able to use the switch to keep the camera on while driving. I've searched the web and the forums and I can't find out which wires activate the camera. I'm guessing it's the transmission (manual in my case) being in reverse...
  4. Reverse camera help

    I have a 2015 GT. I had a Tremec T56 Magnum XL installed. The reverse camera doesn't come on now. I don't know if this is an easy fix or if I can just wire a switch up to the dash to activate it. What makes the camera turn on? Does the car k ow when it's in reverse and the ecu turns on the...
  5. Would the gains be worth it?

    Hi guys. I had big plans for my 2015 GT. Put money into a tremec magnum xl, 1,000hp mcleod clutch. Then I spun a bearing in October. Got a new block. I'm thinking about going from an 80mm pulley to a 69mm pulley and updating the tune. I haven't been on a dyno yet so i don't know where I'm...
  6. HELP. Need options on blown engine.

    I have a 2015 Mustang GT with a Roush 2.3L TVS blower and 80mm pulley. It only had 38K miles on it. I waited 17 years to get another mustang once my kids got old enough and I'm heart broken and lost on what to do. I just went from the phase 1 85mm pulley to the phase 2 80mm pulley...