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  1. Twin turbo

    My friends did this full custom twin turbo setup for a customers car in about 3weeks at there shop in Miami. Dont have any numbers yet they are still in the process of doing the tuning.
  2. Wanna race?

  3. Auto Transmission

    Has anyone blown up a automatic transmission yet, just curious to know whats the most power the stock untouch tranny can handle. Whats the most Hp recorded so far on stock transmission?
  4. Tire hight help

    I have some 19x8.5 and I wanna run a square setup with 255 but I'm not if I should run 255 35 or 255 40...anyone running anything similar or have any insight. 255 40 is 27" tall and I think would sit nice and flush.
  5. Ebay intercooler Install..... .Another one

    So I installed my eBay Godspeed intercooler today. Install went pretty smooth. There are alot of right ups about this IC so here are some pics.
  6. Test and tune this Friday Who is going?
  7. Street racing made safe

    Who's going
  8. Intercooler question

    I have been looking into intercooler options and was wondering if anyone used a non ecoboost specific intercooler like cx racing or treadstone or anything like that?
  9. Track

    How are you guys with tune running at the track(drag).. sport, sport+,track (I know it says track), traction on or off
  10. South miami??

    Anyone from South in here miami,Kendall Homestead??