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  1. Front Camera Haze

    I think they ended up pulling the Safe and Smart housing off of the windshield and cleaned it up. It never came back. Also that car had it's first owner in Florida. I wonder if it's a high humidity thing.
  2. Lumbar Support Failure

    Unzip the seat zipppers and have a look at what's going on. I haven't done that to my Mustangs yet but I've done it to a few other cars in the past. The only difficulty might be getting in a comfortable position to do it with the seat in the car.
  3. Over rev report

    OP, Out of curiosity why do you want the car to come with the Recaro seats? From my understanding it's fairly easy to replace the standard seats with a pair of aftermarket ones that probably fit you better and are more comfortable and fit your body better. Also, (personal opinion) the OEM...
  4. Active Exhaust Question

    I picked up the Borla SwitchFire 2.5" X-Pipe at LethalPerformance during Black Friday and I'm absolutely loving it. YouTube clips don't do it justice.
  5. spare tire kit?

    Also sorry for hijacking but does anyone know if AA had a Black Friday/Christmas sale for their kit? I meant to check but it slipped my mind.
  6. Flat rock assembly plant down this week

    Shame a certain party is holding that bill hostage and the other party is too spineless to do anything about it.
  7. Flat rock assembly plant down this week

    I'd be willing to bet that US companies fuck it up since they never understand JIT manufacturing and fucked that up. The main driving force of a lean system is to reduce waste and some corporate slapdicks browsed over a PowerPoint and saw that inventory is a source of waste so they all decided...
  8. Off the topic: Should I buy a lawyer for speeding ticket?

    Look up whatever statue is on your ticket. You might get lucky and have it say that the cop needs to follow you for over a 1/4 of a mile if not using radar. If so the ticket will get dropped super easy.
  9. 2016 No Android Auto

    ^ Try that OP If that doesn't work then try going to a dealership.
  10. 2016 No Android Auto

    You might need to go to a ford dealer with a good service center to get this fixed. There's always a chance the previous owner did something weird that's messing you up. Maybe someone with enough Forscan knowledge can help you here but that's not me.
  11. Oil filter access door missing

    @partswiz Giving this a bump since it's been a month.
  12. Are Vroom offers to buy your car legitimate?

    I've been wondering if Vroom/Carvana give you a soft black list if you get quotes too often. When I was selling my 2018 GT they offered my much less than what CarMax/dealers were willing to go for. Vroom was 20k under and I forgot what Carvana was but their offer was laughable too. At the...
  13. 2016 No Android Auto

    That's weird. You could try resetting your head unit to factory and try plugging in your phone again. Maybe you missed a prompt? If that doesn't work your best bet might be to take it to a dealership with a good service center. Below is how it is on my car. USB: Settings: When I clicked...
  14. officer lied on accident report

    He's not wrong since police have no accountability in the US. You don't know if you're going to get a cop that's power tripping. He could literally empty his gun into your, your dog, or your spouse and walk away with a vacation (after the good ole' boys at the union say he did nothing wrong) by...
  15. Perceptions of Middle-age Men in Mustangs

    Every single person that has come up to me and commented on my S550s falls under one of these two categories: Middle-Aged Man Teenage/Early 20s Male
  16. 4 GT500's Stolen Right From Flat Rock Plant

    I wonder if employees are behind the heist.
  17. Why did you buy an automatic? (and why I ordered a 6spd)

    I've got nerve issues that manifest in my right arm, left shoulder, and left leg. That made it too hard to daily drive my 2018 6 speed. If I used it as a weekend car I would have kept it but as a daily driver the 10-speed is the way to go for me.
  18. 2016 No Android Auto

    Do you two actually have the Android Auto app installed on your phone? Also in some cars, you need to enable Android Auto/Apple Carplay functionality within the infotainment before it can be used. I can't remember of the top of my head if our S550s are that way.
  19. Engine fiasco

    That's what I would bet on. Hopefully you started escalating it already. At this point I'd have the dealership on the hook for everything rather then just replacing an oil pan.
  20. BLIS fault!?!?

    Depends on your multi-meter. Some of the cheaper ones don't have that function. But if yours supports it then you need to change it to a symbol that looks like a sound wave/WiFi logo. You can test if it's in the right setting by touching your metal prongs together. If you did everything right...