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  1. CAI IAT Modifications

    @Paul McWhiskey If the visual gold aesthetics is an issue take a look at Lava Shield. Not so much 60’s NASA
  2. Aftermarket Headers

    Yeah the offshore suppliers can be unscrupulous. Pypes headers are manufactured in China, that’s a good indication the eBay link is more than likely Pypes branded headers that failed QC inspection.
  3. Aftermarket Headers

    Pypes, hands down ! The stepped design is giveaway #1, the header flange design is giveaway #2. Beefcake endorses Pypes so that goes a long way for an affordable stainless header.
  4. Compression Ratio Help!

    You plan on being a career student…. LOL 😝
  5. Compression Ratio Help!

    How do you know if a .010” cut is enough to get the heads flat again ?
  6. Compression Ratio Help!

    Until it’s not and you have another messy piston and cylinder
  7. Compression Ratio Help!

    Google; 3-4% per one full point.
  8. Compression Ratio Help!

    Flex tune ? What’s the hold up with the heads ?
  9. Compression Ratio Help!

    @tdstuart Any more 170+ mph runs planed for the replacement motor ? Was that last 176 mph pull on gasoline or E85 ? Any other engine assembler fretting over a couple 1/10’s of CR would cc the motor. You might have more fun cc’ing it than playing CR calculator shuffle board with more than a few...
  10. Compression Ratio Help!

    LUND gave the OP the 12.0:1 blessing so here’s opening another can of worms. 11.0:1 is remarkable for 91/93 reformulated gasoline, 12.0:1 is mind numbing to guys over the half century mark but we know it’s DI magic.
  11. Compression Ratio Help!

    Time to CC the heads if you’re splitting compression ratio hairs. Best you’ll get with the calculator is a WAG without exact measurements.
  12. Do i really want the corsa axlebacks

    Got it. Rear section is already bought.
  13. Do i really want the corsa axlebacks

    So what did I just listen to in your video ?
  14. Do i really want the corsa axlebacks

    If you have a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket change it up. If you’re a fiscally responsible person leave it alone.
  15. CAI IAT Modifications

    They have a location in North Carolina I agree, it probably isn’t the most affordable but one never knows.
  16. Assembling an Engine… any tips?

    All very good questions for a thread related to the topic so start your own and see where it goes. I see no need to post up some data from Swain or a few others I have. I’ll stick to helping the OP within his scope and budget. Have a good evening.
  17. Assembling an Engine… any tips?

    Just wondering, did you miss my post about the pistons skirts being burnished to the bore ? Applying DFL to the used burnished piston and reusing the seated rings the DFL coating will transfer to some degree to the cylinder walls and will raise the possibility of ruining the ring seal.
  18. Assembling an Engine… any tips?

    He did tell him if I remember correctly.
  19. Assembling an Engine… any tips?

    You need to go back and reread the 8 pages of regurgitated “WOW”…-any-tips.180152/page-4#post-3632381 We all know the OP was reusing the pistons and rings on pages 1 & 2. Some are having a hard time wrapping their heads around that.