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  1. Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery Thread

    you can run the factory front tires on a 10” wheel too, no need to step down to a 9” wheel, why not got square wheels with your current tires?
  2. Tires and wheel sizes...ughh...some questions

    Idk why people still recommend the R888R. Its a pretty old design/compound and doesn’t perform any better than a host of 200TW tires. (Discontinued RE71R, Falken RT660, Nankang CR1/CRS, and the real champ, the Yokohama A052). falkens come in 315/30R19. Unfortunately the superior A052 (for...
  3. Best Rear seat delete that looks nice

    True, but grams make oz and oz make lbs. Weight loss isn't one thing, its a bunch of small things which add up to measurable weight. No single change will be noticeable, but the sum of a lot of changes can be. 35 lbs at ~$24 dollars per pound isn't too bad if your car is on a diet plan like...
  4. Best Rear seat delete that looks nice

    IDK about a hundred bucks worth of materials, but yes, its expensive compared to the really simple flat ones. You can get the Ford part for like $824, but expect to pay some shipping, cause its bulky. I was aghast that it shipped with an entirely new back shelf, only to delete one tiny little...
  5. Any Extended wheel studs other than the 3inch?

    If you want a 10mm spacer, get these - Most 10mm spacers will loose the centering ring (the hub centering ring is only ~9mm deep, these retain it by adding one integral to the spacer itself...
  6. Best Rear seat delete that looks nice

    Yeah the Ford one is the nicest IMHO. Can't beat factory fit and finish. Its just a little expensive.
  7. Steeda/FedEx Shipping…can’t be just me?!?!

    Like, wut? Paranoid much? Destroy packages? Maybe try to lay off the sauce and consider that not every mangled box is a consipracy to take your guns away. They mangle plenty of kitten posters and scrapbooking supplies too.
  8. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    I drove Brian Burdette's car in a mild CAMC trim back to back with my car. Same exact suspension (although his is newer), he has a base GT w/ 3.31s and I have aero, but it was pretty apples to apples all things considered. He was on ~450lb front springs and I was on 650lb springs. Wow it was a...
  9. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    I can see from the these plots where I got ahead of Sam and yourself on the east course. (not that far ahead, Sam put down a great time and beat my first two attempts, and you landed a solid trophy position). My peak speed (gearing and tires) was only 63mph, but I got y'all in a couple of the...
  10. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Yeah they're on the purple crack too, so tons of grip.
  11. Question - Roush Axle Back

    Same mufflers part yes, but the "sport catback" is the corsa touring mufflers w/ their X-midpipe or something. Its different an louder because the catback replaces the midpipe too. Just the mufflers alone are correctly called the "touring axle-back".
  12. Question - Roush Axle Back

    If stock is a 4 or 5, the Corsa Touring AB is only a 5 or 6. Sounds great tho, but not that much of an upgrade
  13. TPMS NIGHTMARE ON MY 2015 GT 5.0

    Sooo I learned the hard way that hazard light thing doesn't seem to work. It says its in training mode, but it doesn't train. Its messed up. Do this instead and I bet it will work. 1) With the car off, get in it and tap the brake pedal once. 2) Then cycle the car power on/off/on/off/on...
  14. Question - Roush Axle Back

    The roush is definitely notably louder with the stock resonator, but I liked it. If stock is 5/10 then the roush is a 7.5/10, while a resonator delete (H-pipe) only is a 7/10. I had both setups at different times and liked the sound quality on the roush with the stock reaonator a lot more...
  15. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    we have a former national champion (Ryan Otis) driving a ZL1 1LE in the local club. I’m not sure what all he’s done to it (I think its stock) but he’s a PAX monster, taking nearly every local event since he moved here (Nankang tires). He seems to make it work. One local guy is butthurt cause...
  16. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    ended up around 34-35 psi front and 30-31 rear. Idk if its right but it drove well enough with fresh tires and my setup. Some people can fit 12” fronts (I can’t) and they would probably run less. It does feel like they’re trying to keep top speeds lower (versus the 75+ Mph we’ve seen before)...
  17. 30 or 35 series on 19s ?

    What tire are you trying to use?
  18. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    So yeah. the 2022 SCCA Solo Nationals was a lot of fun, and I won the class! I think the CAMC class had 33 cars, about 15 S550s, followed by 10 S197s and a few Camaros, including Super Dave Schotz in a 2020 ZL1 1LE he built for One-Lap of America. Prior to Nats, I'd finally gotten my...
  19. TPMS NIGHTMARE ON MY 2015 GT 5.0

    What procedure are you using to put the car in TPMS training mode? Is it the brake pedal one or the toggle switch one?