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  1. Painted, DEEP Gloss Black Roof, 19GT Premium Kona Blue Exterior

    "It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black."
  2. De-tune a Coyote.

    Various store and school parking lots were all fair game back in the day. Frozen lakes as well. I think it would still be valid now even with 4WD/AWD and the nannies therein, since they aren't infallible.
  3. De-tune a Coyote.

    Truth. I have fond memories of going to empty, snow-filled parking lots with my Dad as a kid and learning proper control in a RWD vehicle, something everyone should do if possible. Which then led to drifting on snow covered roads once licensed, etc.
  4. 2024 Mach 1 replacement

    I tried to convince the wife that she needed one with the same color combo, but she said no since AWD is mandatory where we live. :frown:
  5. De-tune a Coyote.

    Personally, with the goals in mind, I'd go with a built pushrod 302. The power will be more than adequate, and you'll like working on it a lot more. Oh, and it would sound proper - to my ear, Coyotes sound kind of weird through side pipes. My brother is building a Factory Five with Gen1 Coyote...
  6. 2017 Mustang GT vs 2022 C8 vette best race of the year !

    WTF is happening? Did I just slip into some Bizarro world? Man, am I glad I bought property instead of one of these GT500 turds. My Snapper will out-mow a C8 there like nobody's business.
  7. What you think of the new Mustang?

    No. Not this one. They lost me with the dash. Yes, and it's a prime example of a modern, cohesive, no-BS instrument panel design. It doesn't have a giant iPad protruding from the dash for no good reason.
  8. 2023 GT500

    Planned obsolescence is always prevalent....
  9. Intake manifold help!

    This. I have the same setup, stock TB on the VMP adapter. You'll need injectors if you want to run E85.
  10. Intake manifold help!

    If it were me, I'd do the GT350 IM. Easier, more direct swap.
  11. Did GT350 values just get bolstered with the S650 reveal?

    The whole revitalized Voodoo notion makes sense to a degree with the whole new twin throttle body intake, since a TB per bank would be the proper way to do it....
  12. Did GT350 values just get bolstered with the S650 reveal?

    :cwl: :clap: :cwl: You, sir, owe me a new keyboard. I couldn't have said it better.
  13. What you think of the new Mustang?

    This. And I do enough of it at work that I don't want to do it in my performance car.
  14. What you think of the new Mustang?

    A "tech delete" dash option would be great for those who prefer analog gauges and controls to screens. That dash will look dated so fast it'll make your head spin. Me too. The way the naming 'contest' thing went, it gave me the impression it was just a trim package. I'll bet people might have...
  15. Did GT350 values just get bolstered with the S650 reveal?

    IMO, the GT350 is the high water mark of the S550 as far as aesthetics, and the S650 is no threat whatsoever. The S650 dash is atrocious, and the worst part of the new car. I don't need (or want) screen after screen in a performance car.
  16. What you think of the new Mustang?

    I absolutely HATE the dash, and it alone is a deal breaker for me. Screens, screens, and more screens. Plus it looks like it was pulled straight out of a truck. Gag. After all, the interior is where you spend most of your time with the vehicle. Did I mention that I hate the dash? The exterior...
  17. World Record GT350 N/A power numbers

    I had no idea. I could have been a foot model and not had to do this dumb engineering type stuff all this time.