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  1. Front end flapping/clicking above 50-55mph

    Oil filter cover or possibly engine tray loose? Maybe it wasn’t fastened correctly at the last oil change.
  2. Sibling or parent debt

    It’s important for people to know they’re not responsible for their family member’s debts. Too many parents don’t have these conversations with their kids to explain this and the predatory tactics of these companies bet on scaring unknowing people into paying up.
  3. Might Have To Sell

    Tough choice, but it would be for a good reason!
  4. Anyone Use This? Diamond Coat Graphene Spray

    I’ll preface by saying I’m not a detailing guru, but I’ve used spray waxes and paste waxes. I ran across this stuff when I got my wheels and wanted to clean them pre-installation and put some type of wax on them. I’ve been using it since then and really like the results. My only gripe is it...
  5. 50 Obsolete Things To Prove How Much The World Has Moved On And Changed

    Man I feel fortunate to have grown up in the 90’s. Experienced nearly everything on the list and never grew up addicted to an iPad. Had someone at work refer to the # sign on a safe as the “hashtag symbol”. I about pissed myself.
  6. Official M6G Music Thread: What are M6G owners listening/jamming to in their S550 & at Home?

    Been listening to Spirit Adrift a lot. Currently listening to “Child in Time” by Deep Purple. Fun fact - this song was used in Twister the movie.. Dusty was blaring it in the barn burner van as the convey is driving toward the next twister.
  7. Ultimate cruise destination!

    Don’t talk to loud, that’ll be the next street takeover Mecca.
  8. NOT MUSTANG RELATED : Opinion on posting Trolls

    Ah, just the thread I need to power through my Monday. Everyone should relax and smoke some tires today. Appreciate you’re in a position to own a car that has its own forum because there’s such a following behind it.
  9. Engine Masters type programs for Ford

    The 4.6 is a great engine, just underpowered. It will last forever. You can build it to be stout and throw forced induction at it and have a serious contender, but they are VERY expensive to build naturally aspirated and still won’t make big power. 1994-1995 models carried over the 5.0/302...
  10. The 2023 Dodge Charger Super Bee Wears Factory Drag Radials

    Yikes. I forsee many of these meeting an early demise. DR’s in rain or cold temps with almost 500 HP and driving tendencies of Mopar owners isn’t a good combo.
  11. Blue smoke when starting the car / oil consumption

    If you replace the PCV and it still persists, bring it back in for warranty and request the dealer to do a compression and leakdown test. Or find a different dealer that may take your concerns more serious. If none do, call Ford customer service and open a case. It’s not normal for these...
  12. Change oil without draining?

    Or maybe the dude is just asking a question because his car is prone to it? Hyundai and Kia have a class action lawsuit about due to poor engine design that causes premature failure, one of the main factors being excessive buildup of oil deposits and sludge. It’s reasonable to think that having...
  13. $1,000+ a month for new vehicles: Car payments "look more like mortgage payments"

    Yeah. It truly should be a core subject that’s taught from an early age forward. I have plenty to learn myself about finances but I know I am ahead of many others, especially when I hear about stuff like in my example. Lol.
  14. Have a new project/DD

    And it’s a Honda. My better half bought her first new car in 2014. Unfortunately her commutes for work are insane and she managed to amass 210k miles in 8 years. This car has been VERY solid, other than some basic maintenance items and eating the driver’s CV axle a few times. I have turned...
  15. best clutch replacement?

    Exedy Mach 500 and chromoly flywheel. Have the set waiting to go into my car and I think I’m right around $850 for both. The clutch kit is an HD organic and will hold anything naturally aspirated. It comes with a throwout bearing and pilot bearing.
  16. Official M6G Music Thread: What are M6G owners listening/jamming to in their S550 & at Home?

    I saw Crowbar on Wednesday. That’s been a 7 year wait for me and they annihilated it. I got to meet Kirk Windstein!! One of the opening bands, Spirit Adrift, caught my ear. I’ve been listening to them since the concert. Super riff-heavy guitars and an awesome sound. Their original content is...
  17. suicide

    Man, reading this was heavy and what’s really eye opening is how many members on here have dealt with, or considered suicide. Think about that for a second. We are a small percentage of a small group of automotive enthusiasts and we have multiple people in one thread sharing their experiences...