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  1. Ohio 6rstager

    6rstager for sale, perfect condition with manual. $280 shipped.
  2. Thank you Hellion

    7.17 at 106
  3. Thank you Hellion

  4. NA low 11s ~470rwhp to 9.xx ~700-720rwhp Procharger ?

    The more power you make, more effort and parts are needed to accommodate. 720whp will be easy for you to optimize given your extensive racing experience. I think the biggest thing that is a roadblock for many is support. No drag racing pals to bounce ideas off of, or crappy prep at the strip...
  5. Ohio Circle D 4c converter

    Still available, I'll make someone a good deal on this unit!
  6. NA low 11s ~470rwhp to 9.xx ~700-720rwhp Procharger ?

    Most do not optimize thier setup, therefore requiring more power than needed to run a certain number. This mode of operation also produces a false assumption of what a specific combo should run. Example, I've been 9.01 at 150 with a p1sc. Most combos running that are much more powerful.
  7. Hellion Time!

    Pulled 2 sets of boundaries, both chewed up. Pulled a set of CJ and a set of Accufabs both like new money. All engines were 800-1300hp. Draw you're own conclusion! I know I did.
  8. Hellion Time!

    Anything but boundary in my opinion.
  9. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Based on what I see here, ESS is hyper-focused on 100% customer satisfaction. I'm sure they will get you swapped out with a helical unit ASAP!
  10. Installing the FI interchiller on my Roushcharged Gen3 Coyote

    @SH!FT what hardware is included with the stage 2kit? I'm considering this kit for my car.
  11. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    I'd do stock hood with vents
  12. Is the 5.0 designed for boost?

    The transbrake simply introduces reverse when engaged. You can use the transbrake at any rpm you like, 1000rpm or 15000 rpm. The 2 step uses ignition cut to maintain your specified rpm while on the transbrake.
  13. Is the 5.0 designed for boost?

    The crank is rapidly accelerating and decelerating to maintain a specific RPM based on ignition cut. There is alot more inertia and force involved at 3000rpm vs a normal startup.
  14. Is the 5.0 designed for boost?

    That's an opinion. While 2step use would not prolong the life of oem OPG's, stating definitely what the issue is without real data is simply an opinion.
  15. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    Ooooooooo nice!!!!
  16. The New Cobra Jet Intake Manifold!

    LOL, when I saw it I immediately thought the plenum was much larger. I watched the vid earlier and thought he addressed plenum volume. I rewatched and he did not.... As an owner of the original CJ, the new one looks taller.
  17. The New Cobra Jet Intake Manifold!

    Ford performance said the plenum was larger.