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  1. Pre facelift vs facelift S550

    Go for the newer one if you have the loot. New car smell, warranty and no prior abuse is nice.
  2. New Jersey Michelin Pilot Sport 4S PP1 Front tires $200

    Rears are sold.
  3. Pre facelift vs facelift S550

    That's like saying Pam Anderson definitely has the better face than Marilyn Monroe. They're both hot. Some prefer one, some prefer the other. Regardless, they're both yesterday's model.
  4. 22MY Mustang GT OTD

    How the F do they have so many cars? Most lots I've been on have maybe 1 or 2. I just checked their website, they show like 45+ GTs.
  5. 2022 GT500 order thread

    Let it get some sun. Soon it will be too cold to even open the garage door. Do you sit in that brown leather chair and stare at it at night? I would. I do it with mine all the time. Cold beer, some chips, and positive thoughts. Enjoy success.
  6. 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP Ozarks International Raceway Chin Track Day 1! (video)

    Military Police, Army National Guard. It's not full time in one the the big 5 (Army,Navy,AF, USMC, CG), but I'm still super proud of him. 6 year commitment, his 1st year he's still in Senior Year of HS, so it's really only 5yrs by the time he goes to Basic and MP school. I hear Fort Leanord...
  7. Distance to empty

  8. Cannot get Launch Control "LC" to display

    Holding the brake long enough if for the line lock feature.
  9. 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP Ozarks International Raceway Chin Track Day 1! (video)

    Wow. What an awesome father. I thought I was an awesome dad. I need to up my game. That sounds like an amazing thing to do with a son. I have 2 of them. An 18yr old senior in high school and a 3yr old. 18yr old is off to the military after HS right away so he's S.O.L. Guess I got about 15...
  10. 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP Ozarks International Raceway Chin Track Day 1! (video)

    Goose, do you trailer your car yourself to Ozarks and Cota and wherever else you track it? Or do you have it shipped or maybe leave it there for a season? The logistics must be a challenge. Only 2 tracks I've ever been to, I drove the car there, and hoped to be able to drive it back.
  11. Carbon Wheel Experience Regarding Damage

    It sounds like inspecting our CF wheels ceramic on a fairly regular basis isn't a bad idea....regardless of warranty coverage. No need to risk this kind of failure.
  12. Carbon Wheel Experience Regarding Damage

    So by leaving that untreated, the CF could be exposed to heat from the brakes and cause damage to the CF core?
  13. 2022 GT500 order thread

    That's some situation you had to deal with. Did you transport your car to VA yourself to make the deal? You obviously saved a lot of taxes as I'm sure your "trade in" was close to the same price. Sheehy was probably happy to have your base car as it is probably easier to sell than the CFTP...
  14. 2022 GT500 order thread

    Well it's about f'n time... Oddly I'm a little nervous. Hoping the dealership provides and positive experience.
  15. New Jersey SVE350 $1,950 10"&11" w 295/285/35/19

    Price drop to. $1,950.00. Tires are almost new. TPMS are new and sync right up.
  16. Engine Revs When disengage clutch…please help diagnose

    That's would happen to me on my 89 foxbody 5.0. Pedal would get stuck on carpet on full throttle! I'd push in the clutch to avoid a wreck, and the revs would soar. Scary shit.
  17. GT500 Carbon wheels on my GT350 - please help

    Looks great. Do yourself a favor and put some PPF on those wheels, especially if you're running sport cup 2s. I drove about 100 miles yesterday on mine and they already have a small chip on the wheel. Roads in this area are awful so I'm not surprised. The SC2s toss a lot of pebbles. I put...
  18. GT500 Carbon wheels on my GT350 - please help

    I installed GT350R hubs with R studs on my 350 to run a set of GT350R CF wheels. But wanted to have a little fun with some 500 CF's first. Open lug nuts are needed because the R studs are longer than the 500 wheels require. The rear offsets on the 500 wheels also cause some poke a little much...
  19. 2022 GT500 order thread

    Yea, the base with the stripes it primo too. So is the painted white stripes and so is the painted black stripes, and so is.....😉😄