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  1. What lug nut torque have you settled on?

    Because it gives a whole lot of people a chance to pound their chests and claim that they know the best way. No different that a million other topics on here. Hopefully OP is smart enough to realize that Ford knows better than everyone on here and follows their recommendations.
  2. Beloved prop rod gone?

    Jerry if you are asking for the S650 (M7G) yes, they did. Head over there and see the engine pics.
  3. What lug nut torque have you settled on?

    So many threads over the years on this topic. Although some would disagree the majority weighs in at 150 as per Ford‘s recommendation.
  4. Wheel Upgrade

    You look good to go.
  5. 2023 GT500

  6. 2023 GT500

    Man, doesn’t reading stuff like this just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I’ll never own something like this but just knowing what Farley is thinking is enough for me.
  7. 2023 GT500

    I certainly hope you are right (who wouldn’t be) but with what engine. Forget the Coyote, not enough HP. The Preditor has already been done even if they add a few extra HP. Only a current GT500 owner could tell us if that would make it worthwhile. Maybe a 5.4 with 800+ HP. Now that could be fun.
  8. 2023 GT500

  9. Anyone Know if the cars Accessory will stay on during a SYNC wifi Update?

    Your dealership isn't going to be to tell you anything. 1. Did you sign up at the Ford Owner site? This is the start point for everything. 2. Once this is done you can check your Sync situations for both Sync 3 and maps. Also check you Sync screen in your...
  10. Anyone Know if the cars Accessory will stay on during a SYNC wifi Update?

    Or just for maps go here. They changed from charge to free back in 2019. Do not remember how many updates you were supposed to get but I just got the last download for free.
  11. Anyone Know if the cars Accessory will stay on during a SYNC wifi Update?

    Haven’t seen an official Ford Sync update since build # 21194. There was a Cyanlabs update #22110 in May. Not sure when we are going to get it.
  12. Formula 1 talk.

    No great surprise here....
  13. Gen Z Car Buyers Aren't That Different from You and Me

    Thought this was interesting.
  14. Formula 1 talk.

    One driver down :frown...
  15. A Buyer’s Market for Cars, Trucks Is around the Corner

    Wishing thinking or for real?
  16. Finally Heard Ecoboost Active Exhaust and Saw Velocity Blue Today!

    Any reason that you’re resurrecting a four year old post? :giggle:
  17. Anyone Know if the cars Accessory will stay on during a SYNC wifi Update?

    OK, if are are using a USB drive and do not want to run the engine for however long it takes, you can use the accessory mode. Just go into sync setting and turn off “Auto Engine Off”. Then you can use you charger and you should be good to go. Wifi does not require the accessory mode to be on...
  18. How to maximise mpg? Any tips

    OP’s not crying. He’s in a position worse than we were in during the Spring. He bought the car three years ago before any of the crap started. Have a heart.
  19. CD Player

    You know you have that thing called an owners manual. :giggle: :like:
  20. How to maximise mpg? Any tips

    When gas here in the States went over $5.00 per US gallon a lot of folks just parked their cars. There is little else to do. It sucks but it it a downside of having such a powerful car. If it is a daily driver maybe it best to get something else for the time being. And no cleaners will not help.