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  1. Dead spot in throttle

    Hmm, I haven't really experienced anything like that since owning my c7 Vette. That was an issue with those and I ended up going with a ported TB from Tony Mamo. I saw that Soler engineering was designing one for the 6gen but haven't heard anything about it. You can try and search on the forum.
  2. CD Player

    Looks like one of the floating stylus.
  3. How well will Mach 1's hold their value?

    Wait for the Boss!
  4. VIP Price!

    There will always be someone who is willing to pay more driving up cost but once the mkts cool or another model comes out everything changes. That is why I always say patience is key to buying!
  5. 2024 Mach 1 replacement

    If nothing else it will definitely change how they rate insurance. Salvage yards will be norm.
  6. Track Attack

    Considering I flew twice to Utah, yes it was worth it! I did have frequent flyer mileage which helped on cost. I was very impressed with track in Utah.
  7. Track Attack

    No kidding! Yes, I will definitely let you know.
  8. Track Attack

    I will only be doing 1 day and so far those dates for Nov. haven't been released.
  9. Steeda Clutch Spring - Better?

    Haha looks like about an 8 hr drive... thanks anyway!
  10. Steeda Clutch Spring - Better?

    Definitely looks flimsy and from what I have seen the Steeda looks more rigid and well built.
  11. Steeda Clutch Spring - Better?

    Did you order the whole assy?
  12. Steeda Clutch Spring - Better?

    Yea, I am trying to figure out if I should just go with the spring instead of the assy. Is there any difference if you get just the spring?
  13. Steeda Clutch Spring - Better?

    This is like being lured into one of those infomercials knowing you can live without it but all the hype is killing you to try it. Damn it! Now I am going to buy it!!!😃
  14. 2021 Mach 1 for Sale.

    May you should try CBD if surgery is not an option! I have heard interesting things about it.
  15. 2021 Mach 1 for Sale.

    Wish you well with your back situation and hoping you will keep the Mach 1 too! I am sure it keeps you smiling 😀.
  16. Amusing Reactions to your Mach 1

    Had a young kid who drove up beside me at the light and shouted from behind I first thought it was a gt350 and then said " that's is one badass mustang" with big ass grin.
  17. Chirping

    After looking over the tsb I saw that it was regarding the 2019 models on or before April 30. I assume they extended it. Mine doesn't make any sound warmed up. How many miles was on the car when it started?
  18. Chirping

    Uploaded the video! The chirping starts around the 38 sec mark.
  19. Chirping

    You're kidding me ! That's quite a laundry list. If I can figure out how to upload this recording I am eager to know if it sounded like this.
  20. Chirping

    No, not chirping tires or I noticed this chirping sound right after start-up that last about 30 secs or so and goes away. I remember a fellow member on here having the same issue but not sure if it was ever resolved. It reminds of a pulley or tensioner failing. This was...