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  1. Is this dry rot?

    I have the same on my 2019. 18k miles on them, all are like that. Yes the car sits outside year round and i drive it daily.
  2. Low fuel warning

    Was about to post this myself.
  3. Any good shops around philly

    I'm partial to Evo but they less than 3 miles away so hard for me to argue going anyplace else.
  4. NA Dyno Results!

    Honestly Lund has gone done hill some since they grew, they seem to pay a lot less attention to detail than they used to when it was just him and his son. There are more people that had poor experience than there used to be. Usually, things like they blatantly forgetting to make a tune change or...
  5. NA Dyno Results!

    Dynos/temps/cars differ, but a few 18+ cars are in the 480-500 range with headers, intake, midpipe, and e85. I'd have expected more with cams added in the mix.
  6. How to maximise mpg? Any tips

    I get about 19-20MPG, mostly mixed driving. I just shift around 2200rpm, don't get heavy on the gas, and usually keep it in comfort/quiet mode to keep myself from wanting to use the loud pedal. Really I could probably get a LITTLE better MPG if I went to a different tire. But having 480HP and...
  7. NEW Gen 6 3.0L Whipple Supercharger for the 2024 Mustang!!!

    Im interested in learning what hoops you have to go through to get a tune on a S650 since its still a locked PCM.
  8. How well will Mach 1's hold their value?

    No, but before now they were still going for low-mid 20's.
  9. How well will Mach 1's hold their value?

    2003-2004 Mach1's are going for their original MSRP right now in clean, sub 50K mile form.
  10. 2022 Mach 1 Ticking noise

    Ticking is normal on any version of the 5.0 from 2011+ its never been connected to any actual issue and Ford just says its a characteristic of the engine. If you move to a -w30 or 40 weight oil that sometimes will make it quieter, but the biggest issue with it is if it annoys you personally or...
  11. 2024 Engine cover

    Nissan has been doing it for decades too.
  12. Traded UP! - GT500 CFTP Atlas Blue

    While don't get me wrong, congrats to the OP and all but I don't get why this is Front Page news worthy..... Maybe if it was an EcoBoost guy moving to a CFTP but even then... not really IMO.
  13. HELP: “Drive Mode Selection Not Available” - NOT Exhaust Valve Related

    Its to apply an update, on manual cars. The whole backup camera, mode/exhaust/steering selection, gear sensor, rev matching, parking sensors everything just randomly go dead and default back to Normal till you let the car sit a bit then restart it. NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V382000 This...
  14. Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    I will say that nearly every vid ive seen of a CF driveshaft fail it was one made by DriveShaftShop. Not sure if that's coincidence, but just what Ive noticed.
  15. HELP: “Drive Mode Selection Not Available” - NOT Exhaust Valve Related

    There is currently a recall I got on my Bullitt for a similar issue. Not sure if it effects the GT350 but may be worth looking into.
  16. 🚀 World Premiere: 7th Gen Mustang S650!!

    You're reply would have meaning except that the 18+23 headlights and EVERY headlight housing from Mustang from 64-2014 has a distinctly different shape than these.....
  17. 2024 Mach 1 replacement

    Hes talking about a Base Mach1 and a Premium Mach1. Base just means 0 added options. This may surprise you, but you can also have a Base GT500.
  18. 🚀 World Premiere: 7th Gen Mustang S650!!

    Yeah they are the same damn housing shape but ones more narrow. Are you blind?
  19. 🚀 World Premiere: 7th Gen Mustang S650!!

    I'm clearly not talking about the internal design and am talking about the housing shape. Don't be obtuse.
  20. 🚀 World Premiere: 7th Gen Mustang S650!!

    Look at the 15-17 headlights, then tell me these dont look like its squinting. Also yes.... it is street legal, the S and R are not street legal. The normal version IS.