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  1. FP Track Handling Kit issues

    I believe that piece comes with the Steeda swaybar. I have never seen it with the Ford bars. I typically flip the OEM bracket around and make it work. Sorry, can't remember the specifics at the moment.
  2. Ford Performance Street Handling Pack installed///Alignment results

    Technically his alignment machine told him how to adjust front camber without additional parts, which is directly from the Ford workshop manual. It is a total PITA though, so I can't blame him for not doing it.
  3. Ford Performance Street Handling Pack installed///Alignment results

    That caster makes no sense. It won't hurt anything being that high, but there is no reason it should be. That alone makes me question the integrity of the alignment. I'm also a little surprised the camber is out of spec. I've done 3 or 4 of these cars and the camber has always still been in...
  4. Alignment check

    Do you have camber plates or adjustable camber bolts? I definitely would not say that the person took their time and did a great job. That is a mediocre alignment that is one step above a toe and go. There is a reason they aren't using the report that shows graphs.
  5. Clearance issue with magnaride and ajustable swaybar links.

    I believe the re-cal is actually just the PP2/GT350 suspension tuning. It is certainly not required, as I ran the kit for a while without flashing the calibration and had no issues at all.
  6. Whipple Supercharger

    As for the Ford dealer/Whipple thing... Dealers have been known to verbally promise things that they can't honor. I can assure you that Ford will no longer stand behind your standard powertrain warranty or your extended for any powertrain failure that could be attributed to the increase in...
  7. Whipplr oversized heat exchanger

    If you don't have a PP1 car, the PP1 radiator is a decent upgrade and fits without issue. I can't imagine needing more than that.
  8. 60' times with stock converters + 10R80 cars. 3.15/3.55 combos over 3800lbs.

    Weight is going to be a huge factor here. I think some people underestimate their weight and it seems that it can vary by 400-500 lbs. My fully loaded 2020 GT premium PP1 A10 car with a Whipple weighs 4050 without me in it and less than 1/2 tank. I have a a tubular K member, lighter wheels...
  9. Killer Performance in tank Aeromotive Brushless hat

    They have pricing on facebook and it's right in the ballpark of the numbers you quoted, which puts the 3.5 GPM at almost the exact same as my fuelab pumps and radium setup. I'm happy with what I got, but I have always been worried about unknowingly having a single pump/controller fail and...
  10. Killer Performance in tank Aeromotive Brushless hat

    I saw this on Sunday, the same day my Fuelab pumps were to arrive. I really like the single pump solution and i you add up the fuel hat and dual brushless pumps/controllers you are already in the ballpark for price. I seriously considered returning everything, but ultimately don't want to wait...
  11. Anyone Use an Electronic Centri BOV

    Beefcake has one on their site that I believe they developed. Sorry, don't have a link but I can't imagine it would be too hard to find.
  12. Anyone Use an Electronic Centri BOV

    I don't know how they are marketing the product in the screenshot above, but this device was designed to do the exact opposite of what is being discussed. The original intent of the product was to soften the hit of the PD blower and bring the power in slower with the added feature of being able...
  13. Anyone Use an Electronic Centri BOV

    It's been discussed once or twice on here before. Very popular in the mopar world with PD blowers, but primarily because it was designed by a mopar shop. They were attempting to dabble with some Ford performance (bought a mustang or two, sent a tuner to learn about Fords), but it doesn't seem...
  14. Suncoast new 10r80 valve body and pump info

    I don't think they are preorder... I received mine 2 weeks ago after about a 2 month wait. Edit: To be totally fair, I had no idea what I received. I ordered the stage 3 kit with valve body direct from Suncoast. I was confused when it came in. I had no idea why I was receiving a pump as...
  15. Misfire Counts On All Cylinders

    I believe you are referring to the actuator solenoids. Cycling the cam chain tensioners would be very odd.
  16. Angrey's custom Fuel System Thread

    Finally got ahold of TI support. Apparently their controller is a modified OEM controller that works at 100hz only, which is the lower limit of the Fuelab regulator. They felt comfortable at 100hz as they stated that was what Motec uses. It is also limited to 16v and will actually shutdown...
  17. Misfire Counts On All Cylinders

    One really bad cylinder will absolutely register as misfires on every cylinder. I see it every day. Not saying that is your problem, but I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility. The bad cylinder will obviously be the one that is significantly higher. Edit: just read your entire post again.Clearly...
  18. Calling a IDS guru

    I don't think you'll find that in IDS as a pre-defined adjustable parameter. Perhaps as built data, but I doubt that as well as I would assume that is a PCM function. I don't recall seeing it in HPTuners either, but they might be willing to add that parameter if you emailed support. You may...
  19. Angrey's custom Fuel System Thread

    The DW controller is listed as something like 200-500hz, so well within range of the fuelab regulator output. I might give Ti a call tomorrow to see what they have to say, but I suspect getting ahold of anyone there that has answers may be difficult.
  20. Safe to jack only one corner

    The S550 is probably stiffer than any of those body on frame vehicles you had. If you jack the front corner, you will probably lift both wheels on that side off the ground.