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  1. What lug nut torque have you settled on?

    What is not a controversy is that the studs are 14mm What is not a controversy is that Ford say 150 What is not a controversy is that 14mm requires more torque than 1/2 or 12 What is not a controversy is that Ford know better than the people that want to see a controversy where there is none
  2. What lug nut torque have you settled on?

    There is nothing controversial at all to using the right torque, meaning the one that Ford list The issue is that most people are used to torque around 100 because most vehicles have historically used 1/2” or 12mm studs/bolts and not 14mm
  3. Available - Ford Performance Mustang 5.0L Cobra Jet Intake Manifold (2011-2022)!

    ??? Didn’t you just said that they were available and ready to ship?
  4. How well will Mach 1's hold their value?

    ???? What about simply figuring out why your wife car has the check engine light? 2 minutes job with a code reader …..and do you know why smog test are much easier and cheaper since no more sniff test and rolling load ??? Yep, because of the OBD… no light , you pass, light you don’t.. As for...
  5. Intake manifold help!

    ???? The pp2 use the 350 tb
  6. Intake manifold help!

    350 tb with aftermarket tunes, yes. Not with ford performance tunes
  7. Are PP1 struts the same as regular GT?

    Sway bars are not the same
  8. Are PP1 struts the same as regular GT?

    Pp suspension, and that includes springs and shocks, have always been different than the regular, non pp, Gt
  9. Is there any mechanical explanation for the Gen 3 Coyote BBQ tick?

    ??? You lost me, you stated that piston slap mean bad rings and oil burning, just pointing out that there is a least another reason for the slapping on some engines
  10. Is there any mechanical explanation for the Gen 3 Coyote BBQ tick?

    Not been my experience. A lot of Gm engines, including my 2001 3/4 ton suburban with the 8.1 engine, had pistons slap for a few minutes when starting from cold Not an issue per Gm As a matter of fact, mine sounded like a diesel for a couple of minutes Just google Gm pistons slap for a technical...
  11. Just used Boostane - felt a nice difference in stock GT350R

    Your butt dyno need to be recalibrated Classic placebo effect …..
  12. Was this badge OEM on 2016 models?

    Look like a badge from early mustang It’s glued on for sure. But what type of glue? That is the question Regular/weatherstrip glue can be removed with 3M adhesive remover, crazy glue type… forget about it
  13. Mach-1 Ford Perfomance Compatible Oil Catch Cans question

    You have a retaining washer on the other side
  14. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    You are worrying too much. There is always some oil left in the engine. No big deal
  15. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Sizing

    In a nutshell staggered are for look and squared for handling The Mustang is a front heavy pig that need much wider front tires to correct the factory designed understeer if interested I have a set of 19, 10x35, black pp1 replica, like new, that i would let go cheap. Not sure of shipping cost….
  16. Gauges

    Track only Oil temp, pressure and tires pressure
  17. Rear alignment issue 2018 GT

    Much better 😁 👍
  18. Rear alignment issue 2018 GT

    What a self serving post. While your product is nice, factory parts are totally fine and allow for repeatable adjustment. Even if used on track
  19. Caliperfextion Stud Kit - Where to buy?

    Regarding 1 time use Quite often the reason is simply because the bolt has a type a thread lock/Loctite applied to it And therefore cleaning the bolt and applying Blue Locktite and reusing the bolt is ok Obviously common sense apply