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  1. North Carolina Premium Interior Floor Mats new Oem

    New in Ford Ford packaging Black with accent stitching 85 plus shipping
  2. COVID-19 Discount Codes?

  3. savagegeese

    A good perspective as usual from Savagegeese
  4. 2020 Build & Price

    Ford's site now lets me build a 2020.....sorry if I'm late to the party. Appears pricing went up.
  5. Test Settings Screens

    Is there a decoder ring for what each entry means or does?
  6. Holman Moody Supercharged GT

    Didn't know they are an option....
  7. Progressive Ins Commercials

    I must say I find their ads entertaining. One of my personal favs....
  8. Why is it...

    ...that all my dings happen in my own garage?
  9. A pillar trim install

    Anyone have tips on getting a pillar trim back in especially at the base of the windshield ?
  10. MotorWeek Track review of Bullitt

    I always watch this show.
  11. Book Store Score Today!

    Found my new bible today !
  12. Infinity Reference Series

    I was going to pull the trigger on replacing all the "Premium 9 speakers with amp" with this line of speakers. Factory amp only and no sub and likely not going there in the future. I'll be installing myself so plug and play and ease of install are desired. I'll be using the Metra brand install...
  13. Remote Updates

    Can anyone tell me what updates Ford might remotely download to my car? I have the synch 3 set up to jump on my homes wifi. I have noticed every time it does update my tire mobility kit needs to be reset .... anyone else notice that? Just curious other than the possible synch updates what else...
  14. All stock 12/1 in VA Test & tune 12/1 Factory spec only. Auto vs manual show down Best 60' Best et Best mph Best looking wife Be prepared to run and loose or don't show up Bragging rights will follow after the event.
  15. 4G Synch3 via AT&T

    Signed up for the free trial subscription for this feature and now about to expire. Anyone happily using it and willing to sell/tell me why I should continue the subscription?
  16. Polk Audio Speakers

    Looking to purchase the db351 for center das speaker, anyone else in the same position? I only need one of the pair Also looking swapping the rear deck speakers with the Polk db571's Any one using these? My goal is a little more bass
  17. Popping Trunk Open

    Does everyone else trunk stay in closed position when you pop your trunk unlocked? I like a trunk that is ajar a bit to help with groceries