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  1. California Ford Performance Passenger Side Oil Seperator

    $50+ shipping to CONUS READ: Mounting brackets have been removed to allow it to fit with the Power Pack 2. There is also a notch in one of the fittings on the catch can but does not leak as far as I can tell.
  2. Bay Area Ceramic Coating + Paint Correction

    Hello, I just moved to the bay area and I'm looking for a shop to do a paint correction and ceramic coating on my 17 GT. Let me know if anybody has reccomendations. I've found a few but they are very pricey ($2000+). My paint is in good condition and should just need a bit of polish to prep.
  3. Clutch pedal assist spring falls out

    I have the stock clutch assist spring installed, and when I was on the track this weekend it fell out. When I press the clutch pedal down, it's very loose and under no tension, is it possible then spring is just shorter and worn out? Can anybody measure the height of their stock clutch assist...
  4. GT PP - 18" or 19" Wheels for Winter

    What would be any recommendations for 18" (I think I read the 2010 GT500 replica wheels fit) or 19" rims for winter? I'm taking delivery of a 2017 GT PP in about a month and just thinking ahead for next winter. I would prefer 18" as the winter tires for them are much cheaper. I'm located in MI.