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  1. California Ford Performance Passenger Side Oil Seperator

    $50+ shipping to CONUS READ: Mounting brackets have been removed to allow it to fit with the Power Pack 2. There is also a notch in one of the fittings on the catch can but does not leak as far as I can tell.
  2. Exhaust ball clamp size?

    Did you ever figure this out? Mine needs replacing as well.
  3. Bay Area Ceramic Coating + Paint Correction

    Hello, I just moved to the bay area and I'm looking for a shop to do a paint correction and ceramic coating on my 17 GT. Let me know if anybody has reccomendations. I've found a few but they are very pricey ($2000+). My paint is in good condition and should just need a bit of polish to prep.
  4. Tech Pack OBD temp gauge - cheap

    The GT MT82 do not have a trans temp sensor, so the PCM does not have a source to read from. This will not work for a GT, you'd have to add your own sensor.
  5. Clutch pedal assist spring falls out

    I just measured mine at 2.05", so maybe that is the reason.
  6. Clutch pedal assist spring falls out

    I don’t think the perch is damaged. Pics attached.
  7. Clutch pedal assist spring falls out

    I have the stock clutch assist spring installed, and when I was on the track this weekend it fell out. When I press the clutch pedal down, it's very loose and under no tension, is it possible then spring is just shorter and worn out? Can anybody measure the height of their stock clutch assist...
  8. Factory hood fitment gaps?

    What can you do if the middle section of the hood to the quarter panel is below the quarter panel line, but the front and back of the hoods are flush (all 4 corners).
  9. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    i've sort of got a strange issue. On a hot day (95F+), twice I've noticed the AC stops working after doing a few long hard accelerations. It stays off and doesn't come back on. It did recover once when I let it idle for a bit. When I looked at the compressor when it was in this state, it...
  10. Which camber plates, mm or vorslag?

    Does anybody else use the maximum motorsports plates for trackside alignment? I have mine installed and they were extremely difficult to move especially with the weight of the tire on them. Even with it removed it took two people to get them moved to max camber for a track day (-2.7 deg or so).
  11. 2017 GT PP bang for buck slight lowering recommendations?

    What about GT350 monotube dampers with GT350 springs? The spring rate would be in between a PP GT and the GT350R.
  12. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    Does anybody else feel their cluster lens (clear plastic) is quite loose? I think this might be causing some rattles in my car. I have 3 screws holding the cluster down and I used a bolt/nut combination on the right side to keep tight. Thinking of maybe running without the lens or some...
  13. Interior Dash trim piece wrapping

    I tried to wrap the chrome dash vents to more of a silver (3M G251) and it didn't turn out well enough for me and took forever. There's just too much material and you get a lot of wrinkles you have to work through. I ended up just buying the GT350 part.
  14. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    What value would it read if you don't have it in your tune?
  15. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    I have the Ford Performance Power Pack 2 tune. I just find it strange sitting in my driveway with a cold start and not moving the car seeing it at 140F or so.
  16. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    Does anybody else's axle oil temperature stay at around 140F regardless? Even from a cold start when its 25F outside it goes right to 140F. I'm wondering if there's something wrong the sensor (yes I have the sensor, 17 GT PP and I can see it from under the car).
  17. V6 Strut / Spring Daily driver upgrade time

    Be careful for the rear springs, you need two of the left side I believe. The GT350's have them wound differently on each side. Double check
  18. power packs and 91 gas?

    I've ran my PP2 with 93 and 91 and both ran fine. It felt a bit stronger on 93, but perhaps it's all in my head.