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  1. EcoBoost Delete Post

    Need to replace the Active Grille Shutters (AGS) for my 2016 Mustang. Would prefer local pickup in the Dallas, TX area.
  2. 19x8.5 wheel and stripe package wheels and tires for sale

    See Ad:
  3. GoFastBits / Hot Side Charge Pipe

    For Sale: GFB - Sold Mishimoto Hot Side Charge Pipe -Sold Never used the Hot Side Charge Pipe. I bought this from the market here. The pipe only has one clamp. There are some scratches on the pipe. I never tried to install the pipe. I just bought a non-crome pipe to use.
  4. Full Race TB Spacer

    For Sale Full Race TB Spacer $50.00 plus shipping. Product info:
  5. Verus Engineering Hood Vents

    SOLD- Verus Engineering Hood Vents - SOLD See more info about the product here: Note from website about Hood Vents:*These do not fit Mustang hoods with the OEM vents in the hood.
  6. 19x8.5 wheel and stripe package wheels and tires

    Sold Sold Tires are 255/40/19 PZero All Season Tires with 10,500 miles. TMPS sensors included. The wheels are the 19x8.5 inch that came on the Ecoboost wheel and stripe package.
  7. Borla Turbocharger Upgrade Kits

    A catted turbo kit from Borla. Wonder if they will sell individual parts from the kit?:cheers:
  8. EB Pro Cal tune with 10psi Waste Gate Actuator

    Has anyone tried to run the Ford Performance EB Calibration Kit with a 10psi waste gate actuator? Thinking about making the switch to the Pro Cal tune and I don't want to have to change the WGA back.
  9. Would be nice to have a non-warranty Technical Subforum?

    Would it be nice to have a Technical Subforum that deleted responses about warranties?:ford: It is time consuming to scroll through "Threads" just to read the same thing that someone is worried about their warranty. Also, the posts that give advice on how the other person's warranty will not be...
  10. Flowmaster Performance Tuner? Phone Boost Gauge?

    Wow... Wonder if this is better than the BoostMAX??? If anything, it would be a gauge to watch boost on the old cell phone... Part # 18101 Description Flowmaster® Delta Boost Module...
  11. Ideal Torque Converter for EB

    I am trying to figure out what the ideal stall for a tq converter for the EB mustang would be to build enough boost without smoking the tires off. I have reached out to one company and they suggest 4000. Does that sound good for a daily driver or would 3000 stall be good enough? ^This...
  12. Esslinger Engineering Cam Testing

    Looking at some of the old companies I used in the past with the old school Turbo Mustang. I found this company is still in the game or wants to be. They posted this on Facebook: We're looking for another 2015-16 Mustang Ecoboost in the 400-450whp range for cam testing. If you are in So-cal...
  13. Forge Motorsport BOV

    Has anyone used the Forge Motorsport Atmospheric valve?