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  1. Is active exhaust worth it on an Ecoboost?

    In have the HPP also and I really like the active exhaust especially in Sport+ or Track. Even in Normal it sounds good. If a standard EB exhaust is similar to Quiet on my car then you have to go for it!!
  2. Cooled seats not great?

    I also wondered why my cooling seats didn't work quite well in the summer with the windows down. The technology Ford uses (see above) relies on a certain ambient air temp to produce the effect. These seats work best as noted with either the heat or air conditioning on in the car.
  3. First oil change and they cant even get that right.

    I've had the exact same issue with my local dealer as the Ecoboost HPP is also spec for 5W-50. I can tell by the oil pressure. Last time I had to get the service director involved since I had the oil type all over the paperwork and the tech still used the wrong oil. Had them drain and refill...
  4. Do you avoid or embrace car shows?

    Very cool! There's a group that organizes something similar on a couple of streets in downtown Newburyport, MA every August. Been a couple of times. Fun time, great to talk to people that cover the whole spectrum of our hobby.
  5. So long ugly yellow labels...

    Not sure of this but removing them completely might be an issue on resale. They are a government mandated safety notice.
  6. So long ugly yellow labels...

    Hi all, there is another thread out there on these ugly air bag warning labels. Mainly about removing them vs covering up. I chose the cover up route like folks here. Used very inexpensive matte black vinyl sheet with removable adhesive I found at Michaels craft. Cut out to fit, not perfect look...
  7. Ecoboost vs Ecoboost hpp

    YES, it does ride firmly. Apologies for my editorial content. As Mustang owners aren't we ALL just a little fond of our particular choices?
  8. Ecoboost vs Ecoboost hpp

    No question here. Go with the HPP. Even without the handling pack you get the tuned for Mustang Focus RS engine, GT brakes and a good selection of GT pp1 parts. Oh, and HPP specific wheels and appearance parts.
  9. What has owning a mustang taught you?

    This is a great car. I have replaced the stock Pirelli P Zero Corsa 4s with Michelin PS4S tires. Night and day! Probably my biggest complaint is Ford's use of Pirelli tires on these cars.
  10. What has owning a mustang taught you?

    Well, all I can say is my 2020 Ecoboost Premium coupe with HPP (chassis L1094) + handling pack and A10 at 2 years and 30k miles is one of the best screwed together cars I've ever owned. Not one problem, no scweaks, rattles, etc. since new. Rapid Red paint finish is very good quality also. It is...
  11. Is 5w50 oil really needed in the HPP

    I understand your comments. Modern oils have amazing properties that do allow for flexibility. Not like the old days!! I simply follow the manufacturer recommendation on type and change my oil at roughly 20/25 percent oil life per the car's computer. I never go all the way down but in my car...
  12. Is 5w50 oil really needed in the HPP

    As an HPP owner for two years now I have been a stickler with my dealership on this issue. They have put 5-30 in and I can tell the difference. Mainly through oil pressure but also the dreaded typewriter tick appears. 5-50 full synthetic kept full and the engine runs great and is quiet until the...
  13. Newbie with 10r80 question

    Agreed don't go into other modes until warmed up. I found the A10 to be a tempremental transmission from new. My experience has been that it gets WAY better the more you drive. Some folks here have said after 1-2 k miles. I would say after 10k miles. Excellent in my HPP when in Track mode, or...
  14. Which one of these floor mats is better?

    Hi, I swear by the Weathertech liners for winter use. Had them in multiple cars. Coverage is good and they catch everything you track in. They can be a little slick when wet but I think it's minor. They do need to be removed for proper cleaning. I use hot water, a little liquid detergent and a...
  15. What has everyone done with the window sticker they got when they bought it?

    Hi, there is a whole thread on this subject here you may want to check out :
  16. Daily Driver Mods

    Agreed, one of my first mods was a Block It sound deadening mat that covers the whole trunk floor. Goes right over the factory mat and is removable. Big difference and very easy! I'm thinking about matting on the rear wheel tubs also. Under the rear seats I'll have to look at too. These cars are...
  17. How long should I let my car warm up before driving?

    Things have changed significantly in regards to turbo cars over the last 30+ years. There was no real synthetic oil for instance, maybe Mobil 1? Cooling of the turbo bearings has always been key to longevity. Agreed you should not hop on it until temps are up, just drive easy. I typically run...
  18. Should I get active exhaust?

    Yes you can! The HPP comes with it and I really like it. Not sure but Quiet is probably similar to a standard Ecoboost, agree meh. Gets louder with more bark burble and deeper tone as you go to Sport and Track. I especially like Track. All modes are pretty quiet at low revs, however. I'm not...
  19. Winter shoes are on

    Just swapped mine last Sunday. Getting cold for the Michelin PS4S here in MA. Second season on the smaller 235/50 18 Sport Edition wheels and Verenstein Wintrac Pro tires. They are definitely more noisy but pretty good winter performance tires.
  20. Audio / Infotainment System Display Stopped

    I've had this happen twice in my 2020. Totally random from my viewpoint. Shut the car off and left it for a few hours, everything was fine. Agreed this type of glitch shouldn't happen in today's vehicles.