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  1. LSPI - EcoBoom - Intercooler

    It is still only about once a year. Really don't drive that much. I started using octane booster thanks to the YouTuber Demonology. :thumbsdown: Sorry for sidetracking the subject here. Bad gas with a tune and intercooler would be a better reason for failure. I am sure the tune has been...
  2. LSPI - EcoBoom - Intercooler

    Mainly bolt-on parts and a tune.
  3. LSPI - EcoBoom - Intercooler

    2016 Ecoboost with 19K miles. 16k miles with octane booster to get 100 octane. I just have to change the plugs about every 4k miles.
  4. How much of a performance gain can I expect with these mods?

    I would say 1st contact Lund Racing to verify everything you are planning on installing falls within the scope of the tunes they provide. Here is the email: [email protected] Good Luck.
  5. Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Help!

    I changed to a different spring to avoid the noise. I forgot what spring. Maybe contact Turbosmart.
  6. 2.3 litre Ecoboost swap to 5.0 coyote or 5.2 vodoo engine

    What fun is it to sell the car and buy another one? The link I posted earlier had a full list of items needed for the swap. All of the parts can be obtained from one location. That is also in the write up. I have completed many swaps in the past to include some fox bodies, v8 Ranger amd V8...
  7. 2.3 litre Ecoboost swap to 5.0 coyote or 5.2 vodoo engine

    I think it is an easy transplant and can be completed in a short amount of time. Cost would be the only factor. But, I plan on keeping this car till the end. So, I don't care that mush about cost due to the idea of not buying a new car later. Of course, I would try to resell all of my old parts...
  8. 2.3 litre Ecoboost swap to 5.0 coyote or 5.2 vodoo engine

    This might help:
  9. Ford Performance 70mm Throttlebody

    I installed the Ford Performance TB after I had my car on the dyno. Unfortunately, I did not take the car to the dyno after the install. I personally could not tell a difference between the OEM and the FB from the good old dyno in the driver seat. My tuner at the time did not even recommend a...
  10. Ford approved oil-air catch An?

    Yep, that is the ford performance TB.
  11. Hypertech Tuner?

    MODS - POWERTRAIN / DRIVETRAIN: 10psi WGA/BIG MOUTH Ram Air Kit/High Flow Air Filter/Upgraded Intake Tube/+1 Step Colder Plugs/Upgraded Inter-cooler /Dual Port BOV/Upgrade Hot Side Charge Pipe/Oil Cooler / 70mm Throttle Body /Single titanium pipe exhaust /3” Catted Down-pipe MODS - SOFTWARE /...
  12. Hypertech Tuner?

    I went from one of the popular tuners to the Hypertech tuner back in 2018. I could not tell a difference between the two. The best part about the Hypertech is that I get adjust the shift points that I want and my car passes emissions test in Texas.
  13. 20190825_080104


    PD Shifter Extensions
  14. Throttle Body From The Focus RS Ecoboost

    Looks like the 70 MM does not need a tune to work from the Official Ford Performance website: Fits 2015-17 Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost 70 MM throttle replaces production 60 MM throttle body Billet aluminum construction with polished exterior Complete bolt on replacement fully compatible with the...
  15. 400 cell catted 3" downpipe

    I had to go to a quick oil change place to pass emissions. The dealer wanted to see the EO number on the Cat. What they told me is that I had a 48 state legal Cat but my car has an 49 State Emission sticker which means I would not pass their inspection. Also, all of my senors are at the ready...
  16. 400 cell catted 3" downpipe

    I use the AFE Power. It is 400 cell.