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  1. 2021 GT PP1 W/CS-14 WHEELS

    Shelby CS-14 wheels. 20x9.5 +45 on all four. Front tires are 265 35 20 and rear are 275 35 20. Pilot sport tires. Ford x springs and sway bars and koni yellows
  2. 2021 with cs14 wheels 20x11 out back have too much poke for me

    I have ordered another 2 20x0.5 for the rear. these are 20x11 +50 out back with 295 35 20 and they poke just a bit too much for my taste! just a post more to inform others my issues.
  3. what do you think?

    Well Just a simple set of white letters to get rid of the black on black makes it look better or worse?
  4. Made in ?

    So I have purchased a new set of wheels for my 2021 PP1 car. Didnt like the black wheel that it came with so i bought a set of shelby CS-14's. Will get tires and put on in the next week or so and i will post photos. Being excited i pulled off my front and put the new wheel on, and when i saw...
  5. SF 2021 PP1 Car. Springs and shocks, wheels next

    After work in San Francisco. It will be looking better soon

    SEAT BELT CHIME DISABLE IS EASY!!! I will write this from memory but they say it's in the owner's manual as well. Get into car and close door. Push the start stop button but don't start car. On the dash you will see a red seatbelt light on. It will turn off after about a minute. When it...
  7. Koni Yellow adjustable struts(Instruction manual)

    I have purchased a set of koni yellow struts and shocks for my 2021 Gt prem with PP1. I also purchased a set of sportline springs. In the koni instructions which are super basic(IKEA ish)no words just basic black and white photos with X for no's. What i read in the instructions it looks like...
  8. Solid Black wheels will fade away!

    I dont understand how this solid black wheel thing has become so popular. I think black wheels with a silver lip look good, but solid black dont like it. And that is what my 2021 came with as well. I dont like that you cant really make out the tire from the wheel. Yea up close they are ok...