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  1. My new GT500 has arrived...

    a couple weeks earlier than Ford projected (after Flat Rock restarted production). Its a rocket ship! Tim
  2. Any news on Flat Rock restarting production?

    My gt500 order was scheduled to build this week but keeps slipping. Appears to have slipped by 3 or 4 weeks out so far.
  3. Which surfaces on GT500 are at most risk for chips?

    Starting to think about scope of PPF for my GT500 when it arrives hopefully in June. I'm not interested in covering the whole car. Which areas are at the most risk for chips? Front and rear quarter panels? Front edge of hood? Front fascia? Anything else?
  4. Pics of Twister Orange HP from MCA 45th at Road Atlanta last weekend

    Here are a couple pics I took of a Mach with the handling pack.