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  1. Maryland 255/35/20 tires

    Bump. Haven’t been on the site in a bit. Car has been sold and looking to unload some extra parts
  2. GT350 Shift Knobs

    Fit was good. Just like oem. Just have to get it clocked right as you would with any shift knob
  3. GT350 Shift Knobs

    Correct. But that doesn’t mean that the threads on the shifter have to be different too. A lot of people don’t know that they are in fact different until someone tells them or their shift knob doesn’t fit
  4. GT350 Shift Knobs

    I bought the one from CJPP because it was already threaded to fit a gt shifter as the gt350 and gt shifters are not the same thread pattern. I liked it. It felt good and looked great. I actually took it apart and painted the red parts black so it wouldn’t stand out so much as I like a subtle...
  5. Let's see some black wheels with polished lip

    They remind me of 12/13 boss 302 wheels
  6. 15k piston inspection

    I’d be more concerned with what the valves look like. How often do you run your car hard?
  7. Anyone tire sensors flipped left/right?

    Wonder if the sensors are different than previous years? I did countless tire rotations on my car (aftermarket square set up with oe sensors) and never had to recalibrate anything. Just a short drive and it would figure itself out
  8. Stealth Edition 2022 Mustang Announced & California Special Adds GT Performance Package

    Finally, a matte black upper grill. It only took 4 years
  9. Insurance Premiums

    When I had my ‘15 gt, insured through Allstate, it was $140/month. I’m a 28 year old male with no accidents
  10. Apex EC7 versus SVE R357?

    If you’re asking me, I’d sell them. Shoot me a pm if you’re interested
  11. Apex EC7 versus SVE R357?

    I agree. Only problem is that BBS wheels are out of 95% of people’s budget. Enter Apex wheels. I no longer have my car, but I still have my ec-7’s. Fantastic wheels in every aspect
  12. Your handle/name meaning and why?

    All of the Mustang’s I’ve had have been powered by a modular engine. I got my first one when I was a “kid” (teenager). 21 is my favorite number
  13. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Sold it to a local dealer
  14. Wanted Wheels(4) 19x11 50mm offset -Western NY

    I may have a set of satin black ec-7’s in +52 up for grabs in the near future if you’re interested
  15. MD Local Car Shows - disappointed

    There really isn’t anything in anything in Frederick (I live in Frederick as well) when it comes to meets. There’s a mustang meet/club that meets now and again but it’s a lot of basically stock s550’s with some new edges and s197’s sprinkled in. I usually head up to NOVA as previously mentioned
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Removed and sold the recaro’s
  17. If you never had

    Without a doubt I’d still mod my car. Hell I’ve spent thousands on parts alone and you can’t even see 75% of them. I go to meets to see cars that I can’t afford
  18. Maryland WTT AWE touring catback for your stock exhaust

    I’m in Frederick. I’m looking for a factory 15-17 catback in its entirety