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  1. Stock grille in gt350 style bumper

    Sort of. I got in contact with one manufacturer, Don’t remember who it was, but they told me that the tabs they use to lock their grille in place will not line up with the factory grille. However they did also mention that they have seen customers fasten factory grille using their own means. I...
  2. 1/2" spacers?

    Right, I agree. I was more wondering if there are any of those spacers with secondary bolts attached to the spacer itself. Or if installing longer bolts to the hub is my best bet.
  3. 1/2" spacers?

    Anyone know where I can find a good 1/2" spacer that does not require me to replace the factory studs? The only spacers I am able to find are 1"+ and that is just too much. Thanks!
  4. Stock grille in gt350 style bumper

    Has anyone tried installing a factory grille into a gt350 style bumper conversion? I want the gt350 style but I also want to keep the RTR grille. Could it be done?