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  1. Smoking brakes [Update: AC Belt Failure]

    So I was driving at Sonoma raceway last Saturday. In the 4th session, after 3 laps, I noticed heavy white smoke in my rear view mirror after T7, with burning smell. So I immediately pitted. Initially I was worried if it’s engine issue, like blown gasket. Had some visual check and everything...
  2. GT350 Radiator Support (Upper Tie Bar) - FR3Z-8A284-D

    Hi, I'm wondering if you have FR3Z-8A284-D in stock? Thanks!
  3. Parts Backordered?

    My car has been in the shop for months due to "National Parts Backordered". The shop said that the parts are not in stock at dealership and they need to order directly from Ford. The ETA got slipped several times and seems it takes forever to get the parts. Wondering if others are also in the...
  4. California Pirelli p zero 255/40 zr19 96y, $30 OBO

    From 2017 Mustang Ecoboost Premium. Pick up at 95035.
  5. Give away: 2017 ecoboost OEM catback in NorCal

    It’s been used for 5000 miles. The car was sold and I need to make some space in my garage. It’s uncut so you need to pick it up from South Bay.
  6. Greetings from J2511 (2018 Magnetic GT350 w/ black stripes)

    Hi everyone, two months ago I posted this regarding a used 2017 GT350 I bought. I ended up returning it because of the low oil level. Thank y'all for all the replies and kind words. Since then I changed my mind and decided to get a new one to avoid potential issues as I met before. I even hired...
  7. Is this 2017 GT350 too good to be true?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, first post but read a lot of threads these days. I was inspired by many of the threads and eventually decided to buy a used GT350. This 2017 GT350 (with 8K miles) has been on ( for two months and the original price was...