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  1. It was a pleasure, but no more Mustang for me

    I sold my GT the other day and have had a Mach 1 on order for about 3 weeks. Ford hasn't even acknowledged the order yet, haven't charged me the deposit. I found a new Supra 3 Premium GR near me. Test drove it. In side is smaller obvious, but feels good, drive super, and hugs me. I'm a big...
  2. BCForged Wheels

    I am looking for a reputable point of contact to inquire and order a set of BCForged wheels. Richard
  3. LoL Holy Dealer Markups.

    I'm just going to leave this here. F150 Lightening. Richard
  4. Virginia Carbon Core Carbon Fiber Radio Bezel Lay Over

    A Carbon Cartel Carbon Fiber Lay Over, Selling for $120. Goes for 200 on the site. Purchased a couple months ago, I went with a direct replacement bezel so no longer need this one. Will include a Sheet of 3M Adhesive with it. You will need to apply it to the back. It will not slip or move...
  5. Resolved-CD Player Part number

    I finally got an order placed through Trufiber for a direct replacement radio bezel for my 19 mustang after i got a notification they were in stock again. The bezel has a slot for a CD player, but I do not have one in the car. Would anyone happen to know the part number of the CD player so I...
  6. Steeda Tune and Closed CAI

    So, I am looking at the Steeda HARDCORE Mustang GT MaxFlow Closed Cold Air Intake Power Pack - BDX (2018-2020). I am curious as to those that have it, are you able to pick the harshness of shift changes during the tune installation. Richard
  7. Fractured

    I gotta tell ya, I fractured a vertabre falling down and that hurts like heck. Also worried because doc is concerned about plaque in arteries in the Xray. So I guess trying to keep things on a positive note, at least they discovered that. Hopefully will be able to remove it. They want to...
  8. California Pony Cars Full LenGTh Radiator Cove

    I am looking at the California Pony Cars Full LenGTh Radiator Cover and am looking for any feedback for anyone who has them on a 2018+. It says modification maybe need on 15, 16, 17. Nothing for 18+ so I am just trying to verify fitment and look installed. Richard...
  9. Reusable Oil Filters

    First off, I didn't even know this was a thing until now. Does anyone here use them? Richard

    2019 Gt, for three years I have complained about my 10R80's poor shift from 1-2, 2-3. Extreme Transmission Flare, random delayed shifts after a slow down and re-acceleration and the first shift of the day always acting like it was slipping. Again, extreme flare. It has been very frustrating...
  11. Removed


    I am just curious, am I the only one that videos their entire vehicle upon drop off. I have dropped off vehicles in the past where a Caravan side door had a crease put down the middle of the door. That was while having a key made after buying 2 days previously. They tried to say it was like...
  13. Removed